Number 1 Dad Shirt Seinfeld

Number 1 Dad Shirt Seinfeld
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More About This Number 1 Dad Shirt Seinfeld

Want the number 1 dad shirt from Seinfeld? It’s the shirt worn by Jerry’s dad Morty, as well as The Dominicans, in the English Patient episode of Seinfeld.

While I don’t think this is the exact shirt that was worn by Morty, you can get your very own #1 dad shirt that looks just like it.

You probably don’t need me telling you how influential Seinfeld was. Needless to say – if you wear this shirt around town, people will probably recognize the reference. And it also makes a great Father’s Day gift, especially if your dad is a big Seinfeld fan!

You can see a picture from the Seinfeld episode where the shirt appeared below: