Vintage Vantage Shirts = Amazing

Spencer from Vintage Vantage was kind enough to send me two tees to test out. First thing I noticed after opening up the package was how incredibly soft the shirts were. I don’t know where they get them (I wish I did, so I could buy mass amounts of them), but they’re amazing. I would be happy just wearing blanks – the designs are a nice bonus though (under exaggeration).

The designs I was sent are Army Men (below) and…

Technology (below)

I got to pick both these designs, so naturally I’m a fan. All of their designs are quite good. They’re a vintage company, so obviously they have that vintage feel to them. I like that.

So, in summary, excellent designs + most comfortable shirts ever=awesome deal. Buy some. Also, they were kind enough to give me a coupon code. Use the code troundup for 21% off.

AND, they’re having a sale right now on some of their older shirts. If you combine that with the coupon code above, you’re looking at some exceedingly cheap t-shirts.


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