25% Off at Threadless!!! OMG!!!

I’ve got some more great Threadless news–they just announced a promotion that will get you 25% off all orders $25+. Threadless is really pulling out all the discount stops this year. Things got off to a slow start, with very few sales up until May, and then boom! They’ve been firing off discount after discount. While not quite as good as that $10 sale we just had, a 25% discount is pretty crazy. While the graphic says “25% off Magic”, you get 25% off every t-shirt Threadless sells. The only requirement is that your purchase be $25+. Here’s how to get the discount:

1. Click my Threadless affiliate link to head to the website. No, I’m not just fishing for commissions (although I do love them)–Threadless has hard coded the discount into the affiliate link. In addition, the discount is only coded into some of the affiliate links. The links in this post are all the proper type, though.

–If the link doesn’t work by itself, try clicking the link AND using the coupon code affiliate1107. Combining the two should get you the discount. The link will get you the cookie, and the coupon will activate the discount if needed.

2. Shop in the window that opened as usual. You should see a bit of text at the top of the page telling you that you’ll get 25% off at checkout. If you don’t see the text, you didn’t click a working link.

3. Check out and get your super duper discount!

So yeah, no coupon or anything. All you need to do is buy through certain affiliate links and the discount will automatically be applied when you checkout. All the links in this specific post are good to get you 25% off. Happy shopping!


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