In honor of the Lost premiere, and my roommate (who loves Lost), here are six shirts (for six seasons of Lost!)* in no specific order. Enjoy, and watch Lost on February 2nd if you’re so inclined.

Desmond is my Constant from Busted Tees

Dharma Initiative Logo from ABC

Drive Shaft shirt from Busted Tees. Does anyone else wonder how Drive Shaft got even close to popularity? I certainly do.

Oceanic Airlines shirt from Wear Power. Also known as, “the airline you never want to fly with, because it gets you lost on a random island with people that like to kill you”.

I wanna get lost with Sawyer shirt found here. You can pick any lost character to get lost with, I just chose Sawyer because he’s BA.

Lost Numbers found here. Never play the lottery with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42.

And finally, to end with another Busted Tees shirt which works as a good conclusion…

Found from Busted Tees.

I hope you enjoyed the list, and that everyone who watches Lost enjoys the premiere and entire final season. I confess I’m not a huge fan–I got midway through season 2 before I quit–but it’s still amazing how much of a phenomenon the show has become.

*I updated it to seven shirts after publishing the post. However, there are not seven seasons of Lost. So instead of ruining my connection to the number of seasons, I just made this footnote.

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  1. I like the found shirt from Busted Tees, very cool. I found another good list at ChasingtheFrog.

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