This one made the rounds on a lot of blogs recently, and for a good reason. It manages to cash in on the ampersand craze, but still remain unique and creative at the same time. You get the best of both worlds. For those who can’t see, the “And Then I Woke Up” is written on the bottom right part of the ampersand.  Grab it for $21 at Ugmonk. It’s printed on the awesomely soft American Apparel tri-blend shirt.

We’ve all heard it before. Your friend is explaining his really weird dream, going on and on about all this random stuff and right when he gets to the good part it abruptly ends with “. . .and then I woke up.”

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  1. You’re the second one to mention it… do you really think there’s an ampersand craze/trend/fad? I can think of three standalone ampersand tees, including this one, and then one site devoted to 8 or so plain ampersand t-shirts. It’s aesthetically pleasing, which is probably one of the reasons it appealed to Jeff.

  2. I agree it’s aesthetically pleasing. I like the shirts for sure. I just have been seeing a lot of them when before I didn’t use to. I definitely wasn’t trying to say the trend was a bad thing.

  3. I guess I would agree that I’ve been seeing more when I didn’t see any before. But I’m not sure whether that’s because I didn’t used to care about ampersands, or because there are more now. I guess the recent Snakes and Suits tees just recently contributed a whole bunch more… I don’t like that they’re trying to co-opt the ampersand for their logo!

  4. Thanks for the post!

  5. No problem, Jeff. I’m always glad to support great shirts.

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