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I featured a bunch of shirts from The Office before, but this one is definitely my favorite. It goes deeper than an obvious reference–it’s something only a true fan would pick up. The shirt is referencing a quote from Jim. I’ve included a video from the show if you need a refresher, but, they’re basically Dwight’s three favorite things–bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.

I was actually going to write about this shirt today anyway, but I was lucky enough to get an email from Craig, the owner of Doubletake Clothing, giving me some background about the company and a 20% coupon code before I made the post. Like some other companies, Doubletake also dedicates a portion of their proceeds to charity. 25% of the money they make goes into a community fund, which they will spend on worthy and creative causes–it’s a pretty sweet gig. So check out the shirts, use the code “roundup20” for 20% off your order, and help out some charitable causes. Video for your viewing pleasure, and sorry if this post seems somewhat disjointed, Colin is a wee bit tired, and speaking in third person apparently:

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  2. Err, that’s what I meant. Thanks!

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  4. YOu DO get the Battlestar Galactica reference also, don’t you? It’s something only a true fan would get….

    BEAR McCreary is the composer who makes the BEATS for BSG.

    THIS IS A BSG T-SHIRT and a SAYING BSG fans have been using for quite some time…..more than it’s an OFFICE t-shirt.

  5. Oh My God and here I thought I was a pretty big geek/jackass even looking up this topic. Shane gave me the best laugh of the week. Who knew? ha ha ha ha ha That’s awesome!

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