Become a Fan of Troundup on Facebook, Win Free Design by Humans Shirt

So, I’ve had a Facebook page percolating for a few months now. You may have noticed that it’s been on the sidebar for some time, but I have yet to mention it in a blog post. Well, now is that time. I’m finally coming out with troundup’s official Facebook page. To celebrate this launch, I want to give you the first opportunity (of many) to win some free shirts. Just become a fan of troundup on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win the free shirt, with free shipping (in the US). That’s all you have to do. So, here’s a tl;dr for y’all.

  • Troundup has an official Facebook page
  • I am officially launching that Facebook page
  • If you become a fan, you will be entered to win a free Design by Humans shirt

I will pick the winner randomly from all fans of the troundup page on Monday, 6/13.

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