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$9.99 Tee Sale at Threadless! + Troundup’s Curated Threadless Page

Threadless $9.99 Sale

First, I want to apologize for the lack of posts the past few days–it’s finals time, and they’ve been quite annoying. I’m done after tomorrow though, so I can get back to posting full-time.

I’ve got a couple of Threadless related news items today. First, they’re having a 48 hour $9.99 t-shirt sale, which starts today and lasts until 12/13 at 11:59 PM CT. During this time, all Threadless t-shirts are only a mere $9.99. This is another great chance to get some Threadless gifts for Christmas (or anything else you celebrate). Everyone loves Threadless t-shirts, so your gift is sure to be a hit. Go check out the sale, and remember you only have 48 hours of sale prices.

Additionally, I have another cool Threadless thing–I have my own curated page on the Threadless site. You can check out all my favorite (in-stock) Threadless gear, and hopefully pick up something cool from my list. I was super happy when Threadless emailed me about it, so I hope you guys will check it out, and maybe even give me some feedback on my picks (which you can snag for cheap!). So yeah, please check out my curated shop at Threadless, and enjoy the $9.99 sale.

Happy Independence Day 2011!

No t-shirt today, because I couldn’t bring myself to post an “America: Fuck Yeah!” t-shirt even in jest. I do want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July though, unless you’re one of those Brits, and then I guess this post loses some relevance. Anyway, happy Independence Day, and I hope you enjoy your fireworks and beer wherever you may be (the above picture is what I will be viewing tonight).

Become a Fan of Troundup on Facebook, Win Free Design by Humans Shirt

So, I’ve had a Facebook page percolating for a few months now. You may have noticed that it’s been on the sidebar for some time, but I have yet to mention it in a blog post. Well, now is that time. I’m finally coming out with troundup’s official Facebook page. To celebrate this launch, I want to give you the first opportunity (of many) to win some free shirts. Just become a fan of troundup on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win the free shirt, with free shipping (in the US). That’s all you have to do. So, here’s a tl;dr for y’all.

  • Troundup has an official Facebook page
  • I am officially launching that Facebook page
  • If you become a fan, you will be entered to win a free Design by Humans shirt

I will pick the winner randomly from all fans of the troundup page on Monday, 6/13.

Troundup Has Moved to a New Server!

Hooray! I just got finished transferring troundup (and its DNS) to a new Virtual Private Server. What does this mean? The site should load quicker, and I get the snuggly feeling of essentially having a whole (virtual) server to myself. No more sharing! It also means that there might be some bugs. I spent a lot of time testing the site before transferring the DNS, but there’s still a chance I missed something. If anything isn’t working please, please tell me so that I can fix it.

Whelp, that’s it. I hope you enjoy the seconds of your life I’ll be saving you with quicker load times. You’re welcome, folks. Thanks for reading and making it so that I had to upgrade servers–that’s always a good thing.

P.S. No, that is not me in the picture. I’m a little younger.

Troundup Turns Four Years Old

Yesterday, March 17th, was troundup’s fourth birthday. That’s a long time…I started blogging about t-shirts back in 2007 when I was 16 and now I’m 20. I’ve had troundup for ~20% of my lifespan. That’s kinda cool, eh?

Over troundup’s four years, I’ve written 672 posts, for an average of .46 posts a day. I can do better than that I think, but that’s still a lot of posts (I’d like to think so at least).

According to Wikipedia, here are some other things that happened in 2007 (when troundup started):

  • April 14 – Retired chess champion Garry Kasparov is detained in Moscow for participating in a banned march.
  • June 1 – A 2,100-year-old melon is discovered by archaeologists in western Japan
  • September 14 – The SELENE spacecraft launches. JAXA has called the mission, “the largest lunar mission since the Apollo program.”
  • October 24 – In the space of a few hours, Comet Holmes develops a coma and flares up to half a million times its former brightness, becoming visible to the naked eye. Its coma later becomes larger in volume than the Sun, making it the second comet to do so in 2007 after Comet McNaught.
  • December 19 – Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is announced as Time magazine’s 2007 Person of the Year.

Remember when all that happened? It seems like a million years ago (especially the melon…).

Anyway, I’d just like to thank everyone for reading, and I hope you will still be reading when troundup’s fifth birthday rolls around.

Selling a DISGUSTING Amount of Graphic T-shirts.

I just came home from college and did a little closet cleaning. The result? Like 70 t-shirts that I’m looking to get rid of. I’m going to sell these in huge bundles of 10+ shirts. I’ve got Threadless, Design by Humans, Busted Tees, and tons and tons of random shirts which you can pick up ridiculously cheap. Because I’m selling them in such huge bundles, I’m going to use large flat rate priority boxes to ship them in. As such, add $16.50 to the price for shipping (unless specified otherwise)–sorry, but 15+ shirts are pretty heavy. Email me at crn001 ^^&at&^^ gmail.com or head to my contact page if you’re interested. Now, on to the lists:

All these shirts are in excellent condition, and most have only been worn once (if ever). We’ll start with the Threadless Bundle.

Threadless Bundle. 14 shirts, all sized Guys Medium. $42 + shipping ($3 a shirt!!).

I Listen to Bands that Don’t Even Exist Yet
Dead Shred
I Wish I Were
Shakespeare Hates Your…
Executioner is a Nice Job
No More Bento
Swamp Guitar
If You’re Interested in Time Travel…
Big Cats
Doin my Best

Design by Humans Bundle #1. 16 Shirts, Guys Medium. $48 +  shipping ($3 a shirt!!).
Freedom Fighter
Rainy Days
Flock from the Norm (Part 2)
Caspian Tiger (1947)
Concentric Downpour
Shark with Pixelated Teeth
The Flood
Halftone Robot
Set me Free
A Pirates Tale
Controlled Chaos
Chaos Came from the Ocean

Design by Humans Bundle #2. 13 Shirts, Guys Small. $39 + Shipping ($3 a Shirt!!).

Time to Say Goodbye
Black Hole Sun (white)
Swing to the Music
Drink the Sun
Kyung Jin
Thrillin Bear
Shark with Pixelated Teeth
Oodle Doodle
The Flood
Black Hole Sun (grey)

Busted Tees Bundle. 3 Shirts, All Guys Medium. $12 + $6 shipping ($4 a shirt!!).

Car Ramrod

*************Now for some fun…the random shirt bundles. If you read my blog often, the shirts will fit my style. Other than that though–it’s completely random (it would be way too much work to track down all the shirts). These are not “bad” shirts by any means, they are just from a bunch of random companies (teextile, uneetee, and seriously too many to try to name) so any cohesive grouping is impossible. They’re also ridiculously cheap:

Random Bundle #1. 14 Shirts, Guys Medium. $21.o0 + shipping. ($1.50 a shirt!! I”m Crazy).

Picture of Shirts for Bundle #1 — It’s got some Teextile,  Ten Bills, Monsieur T, Vintage Vantage, Dirty Microbe (before they scammed people–own a piece of history) and many others.

Random Bundle #2. 13 Shirts, Guys Medium. $19.50 + shipping. ($1.50 a shirt!! I”m Crazy).

Picture of Shirts for Bundle #2 — It’s got some Teextile, Dirty Microbe (again, before they scammed people), Uneetee, Vintage Vantage, and many others.

Random Bundle #3. 13 Shirts, Guys Medium. $19.50 + shipping. ($1.50 a shirt!! I”m Crazy).

Picture of Shirts for Bundle #3 — It’s got some Teextile, Monsieur T, Ten Bills, and many others.

Again…Email me at crn001 ^^&at&^^ gmail.com or head to my contact page if you’re interested.

Threadless Gift Certificates and Design by Humans Shirts for 30% Off!! Limited Time

Because I could really use some spending cash, for a limited time only I will be selling Threadless gift certificates for 30% off and Design by Humans shirts for 30% off as well. Also, for the Design by Humans shirts, if you order 5+ I’ll give you free shipping as well (US only). If you’re interested, either email me at crn001 (^at^] gmail (*dot$) com or head over to the contact me page. More details below:

Here would be the price for Threadless gift certificates (again, this price is only good for a limited time–it’s usually only 25% off):

$100 gift certificate becomes $70.00
$50 gift certificate becomes $35.00
$25 gift certificate becomes $17.50

For the Design by Humans shirts, just email me the shirts you’d like and where they’re being shipped and I’ll quote you a price.

Those are some good deals!

Lots and Lots of Posts!!!

Did you notice all the posts? They’re everywhere. They’re overflowing. They’re multiplying at an exponential rate. Pretty soon they’re going to take over the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously. I’m posting a lot more. I’m doing this through a combination of scheduling posts a week in advance and not being lazy. It’s a pretty nasty combo. It really works wonders.

It’s not really a New Years resolution in case anyone was wondering–it’s more of a decision that just happened to coincide with New Years. You may have noticed (I’m sure you did), that this string of posts did not start until January, 3rd.

That is all for this post–I just wanted to inform everyone that I’m back and you can expect many more posts on a daily basis. For real this time. Even if I die after posting this you’ll be getting daily posts until the 15th thanks to the awesomeness of scheduling.

Broadcasting Live from St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Saint Mary's College of Maryland

I’m officially at college! I find this to be very, very cool. I’ll probably write more now too, as I feel sufficiently motivated. If anyone knows someone who goes to St. Mary’s be sure to let me know! (It’s a long shot as the school is kind of small, but it doesn’t hurt to try).

P.S. Being on the water is amazing, I will be posting pictures soon, even if they are not specifically t-shirt related.