Design by Humans just announced their 10K contest winner, and it turned out to be the very tee that I voted for. I love this design, and I’m glad it got the recognition it deserves. It’s just an awesome design, I wish I could buy it in a print and a shirt.

It’s available in white, black, and asphalt. Personally, the white is my favorite. But, I wanna hear from you, so leave me a comment with your favorite color, and in a week I’ll randomly give away one of the shirts. I’ll pay for it and have it shipped directly to you.

I believe these are printed on their new Fabric tees too, which are awesome. Leave me a comment and win this shirt!

Posted by Colin

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  1. hello, i love asphalt shirts! theyre not too dark or too light, theyre a perfect shade, and they add a lot of contrast to whats printed on them.

  2. The black shirt with the orange and red flares is my favorite. The orange and red really contrast the dark black circle which really shows off the eclipse design.

  3. I’d have to say that the black one is the best. I believe it is the closest depiction of what a solar eclipse would look like from space. The reds and oranges given off by the gasses making up the sun. Good stuff that is!!

  4. I really love it on black! 🙂 Thanks for even having a giveaway like this!

  5. I really like the black the best.

    The white one is probably my least favorite just because of the yellow on white, i dont think it works…

    Design By Humans is legit, best t’s ive seen.

  6. Black is the truth. so is all design by humans

  7. I think the white’s the strongest, a little more subtle.

  8. Black! I find the white one has too much of a ‘negative’ effect.

  9. i would love the black if they didn’t change the coloway – but now prefer the white

  10. Though the black looks great, I prefer the subtlety of the white.

  11. I gotta go with the white. It looks so clean.

  12. The black is my favorite. It looks the most cosmic to me.

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  14. Definitely the black although I would have loved it if they printed it in the the original colors.

  15. Love the black one. Wish it were like the original submission, but it still looks sweet!

  16. I am defiantly digging the black one, and it is my birthday tommorrow, would be a nice gift 🙂

  17. Yea I voted for that one too. I have at least 2 Ts designed by collision theory and I’m gonna grab 2 more. This and refractions.

  18. I think the black looks best because of the stunning contrast. The white wouldn’t stand out well enough.


  19. i enjoy the visual appeal of the black one. the contrast is amazing and it jumps out at you.

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