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The Dark Side of the Fairy Tale from DBH

  I usually don’t go for black shirts, but this tee from Design by Humans has won me over. It gives me something to spend those DBH dollars on. Why not use a Design by Humans coupon to save some...

/ January 22, 2008

Pink Unicorn T-Shirt from Design by Humans

I guess it’s supposed to be a “girly” design according to the Design by Humans page, but I don’t really think that statement fits. Sure, there’s a pink unicorn, but that doesn’t make it “girly”. Maybe I’m weird, but I...

/ January 4, 2008

35% Off at Design by Humans

Jed from Design by Humans emailed me about their upcoming Friends and Family Sale. From December 25th to December 31st, get 35% off at Design by Humans by using the code “DBHFAM“.

/ December 23, 2007

F.A.C.E.S T-Shirt from Design by Humans

From the same guy who design The Source comes a new Design By Humans in shirt. I really like this one as well. This guy has great talent. Check it out… Name: F.A.C.E.S T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton, Premium Fashion...

/ December 8, 2007

Midnight Hunt T-Shirt from Design by Humans

I really like the Design by Humans shirt from November 14th. Name: Midnight Hunt T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton, Premium Fashion Fit Tee. Super Soft Oversize Print. Price: $19.00 Where to Buy: Design by Humans Remember to use the code...

/ November 17, 2007

My First Design By Humans Order

A few days ago I received my first ever order from Design by Humans. It came in a custom printed bag filled with the t-shirts and a few stickers. The shirts I ordered were “Chaos Came from the Ocean” and...

/ November 5, 2007

Design by Humans Coupon Code

Use the rep code Crynos to get 20% off your order at Design by Humans. You can use this code on any of their shirts, including today’s new tee, welcome to Brazil. You can click here to find a list...

/ October 29, 2007

goodbye old friend by Design By Humans

Another Design by Humans shirt. I know I’m posting a lot of them, but they’re excellent. The design is by Sonmi, who I believe is relatively prominent on the Threadless scene. Name: goodbye old friend T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton,...

/ October 23, 2007

It’s Holloweek at Design by Humans

Design by Humans has been churning out some great designs. Here’s one I really like from Holloweek entitled Forbidden Platypus. Name: Forbidden Platypus T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton, Premium Fashion Fit Tee Price: $19.00 Where to Buy: Design by Humans

/ October 10, 2007