Category: Design by Humans

Thrillin’ Bear from Design by Humans

Yay for awesome bear themed shirts. I’m having a little trouble coming up with a good description, so I’ll just call it really, really cool. It’s definitely one of my favorite Design by Humans shirts. As the artist, siXsiXsiX says,...

/ December 4, 2008

Halloween Sale at Design by Humans

I’m assuming this sale is a homage to Halloween, as it comes during an onslaught of Halloween shirts from them (I believe it’s called Halloweek or something similar). What it means for you is all their shirts knocked down about...

/ October 17, 2008

Black Hole Sun T-Shirt from DBH + Win it for free

Design by Humans just announced their 10K contest winner, and it turned out to be the very tee that I voted for. I love this design, and I’m glad it got the recognition it deserves. It’s just an awesome design,...

/ September 30, 2008

20% Off at Design by Humans

Just to reiterate, use code Crynos for 20% off at Design by Humans. Then leave a comment in the post below and you’ll be entered to win free shirts from me.

/ July 2, 2008

No More Grey Matter from Design by Humans

Sweet new design from Paperball on Design by Humans. The detail on the print is excellent (be sure to check the up close pictures) and I like the light blue (bleu) shirt for it. I wish they would start printing...

/ May 17, 2008

Latest and Greatest at Design by Humans

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Design by Humans, so I wanted to take the time to recap some of their better designs from the past few weeks. So, here are my favorites from the past 4 weeks or...

/ April 29, 2008

Gearcrave Giving Away 25 DBH Shirts

Last time I posted about their Nerdy Shirts contest, now Gearcrave is going even bigger and giving away 25 Design by Humans shirts. You can enter the contest at this post.

/ April 22, 2008

Design by Humans New Custom T-Shirts

Similar to Threadless starting their own brand of t-shirts, Design by Humans has also taken the leap and launched their own brand, called Fabric. I talked with someone from DBH about it, and these new shirts are supposed to be...

/ April 12, 2008

I Love Wars T-Shirt from Design by Humans

I don’t participate in voting at Design by Humans a lot, but this is one shirt I actually saw (and voted for) during one of the scarce times I do. I’m glad to see it got printed. If you can’t...

/ April 1, 2008

Generic Ability from Design by Humans

  I’m back from Ireland, although still not yet caught up on everything, which makes it hard to catch up on entires. I just wanted to pop in quickly to post today’s Design by Humans shirt. I’m a fan –...

/ March 20, 2008

Imagine from Design by Humans

Another hit from Design by Humans. I think they’ve surpassed Threadless as my favorite competition. This one is just an excellent design, very… surreal? I like how it’s not contained, the dots on the shirt add a lot. Remember the...

/ February 16, 2008

The Tiger Rider from Design by Humans

Design by Humans continues their trend of superb designs – it’s another black shirt (with foil!) I actually like. The shine from the foil adds some extra kick-assery. Remember that Design By Humans Coupon. Name: The Tiger Rider T-Shirt Type:...

/ January 24, 2008