Category: Humorous T-Shirts

If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail T-Shirt

  This is probably my favorite Shirt.Woot shirt so far. I guess you have to like Weezer, but it comes from their song Undone. “If you want to destroy my sweater Hold this thread as I walk away Watch me...

/ August 20, 2007

Cube One T-Shirt, Derby Winner at Shirt.Woot

  The first winner of the derby has been posted over at shirt.woot, and I must say, I like it quite a bit. This is the first shirt.woot tee I’ve actually ended up buying – you can’t beat $10 for...

/ August 3, 2007

Malfoy is a Douche Bag T-Shirt from Cottonwerks

  This probably should have been featured in the top Harry Potter shirts, but, given that I was trying to keep them actually serious, it got left out. Nevertheless, be sure to let everyone know what you think of good...

/ July 28, 2007

Threat Level: Doctorow from Shirt.Woot

I like the shirt, it gave me a good laugh. I just not sure if I can see myself wearing it. Still, it’s definitely worth checking out the latest Shirt.Woot offering. A bit of the description from the site, Wear...

/ July 27, 2007

Toast T-Shirt from Dirty Microbe

I already own this shirt, but I realized I never got around to writing about it. This shirt is probably my favorite humor shirt out there (I only say that because I like some designs better). It’s just so simple...

/ June 12, 2007

Last Day of the Threadless Sale

Today is most likely the last day of the Threadless sale (although it could get extended), so make sure to buy all the shirts you want soon. There were two shirts released today that I liked, check em out below:...

/ June 3, 2007

Nice Boobies T-Shirt from Threadless Reprinted

Nice Boobies – Threadless Threadless reprinted Nice Boobies, which I’ve been wanting to see reprinted for awhile. Check it out! [ratings]

/ June 2, 2007

10% Off Coupon at SEIBEI

  SEIBEI is getting ready to launch a few new shirts, and is also sporting a sleek new website design. What better way to celebrate than releasing some coupons? You can use the code “troundup” to get 10% off your...

/ May 31, 2007

Summer Sale at Threadless

$10 t-shirts? New shirts every day? Threadless’ summer sale is absolutely amazing. This is my first summer of Threadless, so I don’t know if they do this every year, but I’m certainly excited for the next week of t-shirts. My...

/ May 28, 2007

Death Bunny T-Shirt from Scary Go Round

“Death has a bunny and they are friends. We don’t need to push this issue.” Printed on a Beefy T, which isn’t ideal. But, nonetheless, I still love this quirky design from Scary Go Round. Price: 9.00 Pounds | Scary...

/ May 26, 2007

An Awesome Week at Threadless

I think this week is one of the best weeks Threadless has had in awhile in terms of raw t-shirt awesomeness. There’s a bunch of new designs I like plus two reprints of great shirts. So, let’s get into it....

/ May 21, 2007

Shuttlecock T-Shirt from Glarkware

Shuttlecock is another bit of pure genius from Glarkware, just think about it…I don’t think a huge explanation is needed for this. Price: $20.00 | Glarkware Thanks T-Shirts Around [ratings]

/ May 9, 2007