Category: Quirky T-Shirts

Merry Crustmas T-Shirt from Cotton Bureau

I know it’s a little too early for Christmas t-shirts, but this one involves pizza, so I think it’s ok to make an exception. You can pick up Merry Crustmas for ~$27.00 at the Cotton Bureau store.

/ November 23, 2015

Iowa Sweet Corn on the Cob T-Shirt from BTangible

This is how you do an allover print, folks. It might be a little corny (I’m sorry!), but it’s beautiful and quirky in just the right way. Brady created BTangible ~two years ago when he was 17, and it’s developed...

/ November 19, 2015

Calcium is Good T-Shirt from Society 6

This is a pretty sweet use of an all-over print. I love this design. Something about the slight creepiness mixed with the detail of the milk spraying up tickles my aesthetic sense. It gets the troundup thumbs up. You can...

/ November 9, 2015

Animal Faces T-Shirt from Yuk Fun

This is a cool use of an all-over print. It’s a little bold for something that I personally would wear but I can see this shirt being quite popular for people with that style. You can pick up Animal Faces...

/ November 2, 2015

America T-Shirt from Buy Me Brunch

Sometimes patriotism means wearing a t-shirt of Abraham Lincoln riding a t-rex. This is one of those times. I believe Buy me Brunch is the reincarnation of the company formerly known as Vintage Vantage. They always made some of the...

/ November 1, 2015

Meet Loaf T-Shirt from Howie Howards

Howie Howards has three nifty sketch/pun t-shirts. I like the goofy style and the sketches–makes me think of dad jokes for some reason. The shirts are a little pricey at $30.00, but a t-shirt will last forever, while those thirty...

/ February 27, 2014

Look Ma No Hands T-Shirt from Fuzzy Ink

True to their name, Fuzzy Ink is utilizing a nice mustache pun in this t-shirt. You get extra points if you’re able to wear this shirt while rocking some type of stylish whiskers. You can buy “Look Ma No Hands”...

/ February 4, 2014

Awaken the Tiger T-Shirt from Infinity Life

This design isn’t quite the style that I personally would wear, but I enjoy it as an image. Very trippy. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from the shirt get donated to tiger conservation efforts, which is a neat little bonus....

/ September 11, 2013

Picnic T-Shirt from Carnifex Ferrry

This t-shirt from Carnifex Ferry features an interesting use of a semi-wrap-around print. Unless you have an aversion to ants crawling across your torso, I’d say it’s a pretty cool tee. Note the music (pun) for some more interest.

/ July 8, 2013

French Bulldog T-Shirt from Headline Shirts

Headline Shirts is starting what seems to be a series detailing the various ethnicities of bulldogs. So far they have the French and English bulldog, and I think they’re coming out with a ┬ánew one soon. You can get started...

/ June 20, 2013

Bearded T-Shirt from Matt Braun at Cotton Bureau

This design from Matt Braun already has enough pre-orders to get printed, so you can now pick it up for $24.00 at the Cotton Bureau store. It’s a simple design, but I enjoy it. It reminds me of Zeus or...

/ June 14, 2013

Pug Life T-Shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves

I’ve admitted it before–I’m a sucker for hip hop animals. The new Pug Life t-shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves definitely fits that category. It also reminds me a lot of Tupac–which I like. You can pick the design up for...

/ June 5, 2013