Category: Quirky T-Shirts

Unicorn and F15 Jets T-Shirt from beta

“Unicorns kick ass. Look at those F15 Jets Flying away. No one messes with a Unicorn.” The above description from the site pretty much sums up the t-shirt in its badass entirety. Beta, the designer, screen prints all their shirts...

/ May 13, 2007

Shuttlecock T-Shirt from Glarkware

Shuttlecock is another bit of pure genius from Glarkware, just think about it…I don’t think a huge explanation is needed for this. Price: $20.00 | Glarkware Thanks T-Shirts Around [ratings]

/ May 9, 2007

New Threadless Shirts, BioShock and Luggage

This week’s batch of Threadless shirts brings the winner of the BioShock Loves contest as well as some other great designs. The Leftover – Threadless By far my favorite of this week, The Leftover is the winner of the BioShock...

/ May 7, 2007

Intramural Zombie Hunter T-Shirt from Seibei

After watching Shaun of the Dead (for the 3rd time) this weekend, I came across this t-shirt from Seibei. Because I love Shaun of the Dead, this shirt was a no brainer for me to buy. The cool thing is...

/ May 1, 2007

Bear T-Shirt from Quixotic Clothing

As I’ve probably mentioned, I love random shirts, and, as you can see, this one is quite random. So, naturally, I love this shirt. The fact that it’s only $10 with free shipping and it’s printed on an American Apparel...

/ April 29, 2007

Magpie, Magpie T-Shirt from Bonbi Forest

I’d like to say there’s some funny or intelligent message behind this tee, but, unless I’m missing it, that doesn’t seem to be the case. No, the real reason I like this tee is just because I’m oddly attracted to...

/ April 24, 2007

My Son? T-Shirt from Shirtstain

This shirt reminds me of the “You’ve Got Some Splainin’ to Do” t-shirt from Threadless, which I find hilarious. I’m not sure which came first, but they’re both unique, and they’re both funny. Shirtstain prints on American Apparel and is...

/ April 17, 2007

Another Two Threadless T-Shirts

Monday brings another batch of Threadless tees, and, just like last week, there are two that I really like. I Have Something to Tell You is an awesome cute/quirky/funny design from Christopher Garcia. I think he pretty much nailed the...

/ April 16, 2007

Fucking Pterodactyls T-Shirt from Amorphia Apparel

I guess I just like random, quirky, t-shirts, because I find this tee from Amorphia Apparel hilarious. The only downside is you can’t exactly wear this shirt to work, so it would only receive limited “wear time”. Also, Amorphia Apparel...

/ April 7, 2007

Shakespeare T-Shirt From Married to the Sea

I saw someone wearing this shirt today and it reminded me of how much this shirt rocks. It’s a simple design, yet I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Married to the Sea is a great web comic that has branched into...

/ April 4, 2007

Tonight We Kill For Kittens T-Shirt from RRP OFF

Just came across this awesome t-shirt from a relatively new (I think) t-shirt company, RRP OFF. I think the tee is hilarious, and it reminds me of the movie “300” for some reason (the, “Tonight We Dine in Hell” part,...

/ April 3, 2007

The Great Moops Battle of ’79 T-Shirt

Owl Movement just released four new t-shirts in their Occasional Intruders line. One of which,  The Great Moops Battle of ’79 (pictured above), caught my eye. This is just one of those funny/quirky t-shirts that I absolutely love. As a...

/ March 29, 2007