Category: Random T-Shirts

Bookworms Need Love Too from Vintage Vantage

So I suppose this is kind of random, but I read a lot of books, and I definitely do enjoy love, so this shirt does completely make sense. It also made me laugh just because it’s a bit goofy. One...

/ January 19, 2010

Purples from Torso Pants

I think you guys will either love or hate this shirt (this can be said for most of TorsoPants’ shirts). I’m on the love side, so it get’s posted, but if you don’t have my weird sense of humor maybe...

/ October 26, 2008

Shark Sailor from Shivtees

Hooray for random shirts. Shivtees emailed me awhile back looking to get reviewed, so I figured it was about time I got around to it. I guarantee this shirt will get lots of comments. I mean, honestly, if you saw...

/ April 14, 2008

Remain Positive from Imaginary Foundation

I love Imaginary Foundation. That is all. Enjoy this shirt. Name: Remain Positive T-Shirt Type: American Apparel Price: $30.00 Where to Buy: Imaginary Foundation

/ January 21, 2008

Sneak Peak T-Shirt from Funk Rush

Ever wondered where some of those missing planes go? Ever thought you saw a face in the mountains? Sneak Peak explains it all, it is the perfect blend of the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the legend of Yeti and...

/ January 12, 2008

Be A Panda T-Shirt from Threadless

Be A Panda – Threadless Lately, there haven’t been too many Threadless designs that I had any interest in. Thankfully, Be A Panda breaks that trend – it’s definitely one of my favorite designs from the past couple months.

/ January 7, 2008

Ghosty T-Shirt from Ghosticorn

I’ve had an email from Ghosticorn sitting in my inbox for quite awhile and I’ve just finally gotten around to checking out their shirts.  I like what I see – kind of quirky (as you might notice), but I think...

/ January 6, 2008

Cebu Thriller Dance Team T-Shirt from Spitefuls

It’s simple, but a hilarious design nonetheless. If you don’t know what this is about, then you don’t spend enough time on Youtube (probably a good thing actually). However, here’s the video it’s based on so everyone can get a...

/ January 1, 2008

Roses are Red T-Shirt from Uppity Shirts

Just text, but sometimes thats all you need. Roses are Red Violets are Blue I’m not Schizophrenic And Neither Am I Name: Roses are Red T-Shirt Type: American Apparel Price: $25.00 Where to Buy: Uppity Shirts

/ December 28, 2007

Cornelius Said What? T-Shirt from Kindred

Kindred was kind enough to send me this (and one other) shirt to be reviewed. Kindred is one of my favorite stores out there, so I recommend everyone check them out. They print all their shirts on American Apparel, which...

/ December 2, 2007

It’s Holloweek at Design by Humans

Design by Humans has been churning out some great designs. Here’s one I really like from Holloweek entitled Forbidden Platypus. Name: Forbidden Platypus T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton, Premium Fashion Fit Tee Price: $19.00 Where to Buy: Design by Humans

/ October 10, 2007

Conezor Attacks – New From Fantastic Bonanza

One of the new t-shirts from Fantastic Bonanza. Name: Conezor Attacks Price: $24.00 T-Shirt Brand: Continental Clothing Where to buy: Fantastic Bonanza

/ October 9, 2007