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Space In Vaders T-Shirt from Design by Humans

Design by Humans is pulling at my heart strings with this Space Invaders x Darth Vader mashup. I never stood a chance at resisting the urge to post this shirt (almost like they used…the force). You can buy it for...

/ April 6, 2013

Cool Beard T-Shirt from Buy Me Brunch

I can’t grow a good beard, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this new beard themed shirt from Buy Me Brunch. It’s fresh off the press–just released this Thursday. You can buy the design for $22.00 at the Buy...

/ April 6, 2013

Klingon Motherfucker T-Shirt from 604 Republic

604 Republic does it again. This is too goofy for words. I probably would have been more likely to watch Star Trek if it had scenes like this. You can buy this Pulp Fiction/Star Trek mashup of awesomeness for $22.00...

/ April 3, 2013

The Maniacal Industries T-Shirt Propaganda Project on KickStarter

Steven Chastain wants to spread science awareness through t-shirt comedy. I can get behind that cause. His Kickstarter project has three days remaining, and he currently has raised $2,095 of the $3,200 he’s shooting for. My favorite design is definitely...

/ April 3, 2013

Sorry I’m Late T-Shirt from Print Liberation

As a person who is perpetually running late, this shirt greatly appeals to me. I would get solid mileage from the tee pretty much every day. In other news, this is just another of Print Liberation’s consistently cool type tees....

/ April 2, 2013

GOB Nouveau by castlepop on Redbubble

Redbubble has such a huge collection of awesome designs. I can find post material for days just from browsing for a couple minutes. Today’s find? This awesome Arrested Development themed Gob shirt. GOB Nouveau is a design from castlepop which...

/ March 28, 2013

Sad Dog T-Shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves

Dogs don’t get near enough love in this cat happy world. You can change that with this goofy tee from Goodie Two Sleeves. You can buy it for $21.95 at their store. Spread the dog love.

/ March 28, 2013

I Want to Fly T-Shirt from Random Objects

The slogan on the shirt doesn’t do too much for me, but my goodness, this is some of the coolest type I’ve ever seen on a t-shirt. It’s just an awesome aesthetic design–I love how the big swooping letters turn...

/ March 28, 2013

Keep Calm and Treat ‘Yo Self Parks and Rec T-Shirt

I’m not usually a fan of the whole “Keep Calm and…” thing, but this design has won me over. It, of course, references the treat ‘yo self episode from Parks and Recreation. I love that they added Aziz’s face in...

/ March 25, 2013

Westeros Postal Service, Game of Thrones Shirt from Busted Tees

Busted Tees’ weekly t-shirt releases just came out, and this great Games of Thrones shirts now exists. I”m always a sucker for Game of Thrones themed apparel, so I thought I would share with you guys. Westeros Postal Service focuses...

/ March 23, 2013

Bermuda Triangle T-Shirt from Das Monk

This shirt comes from an artist collective called Das Monk. The specific artists are the brother and sister combo Marc and Brooke Hendrick. They have a whole new series of shirts, but this geometrically inclined design is definitely my favorite. You...

/ March 21, 2013

Extinct from Choke Shirt Company

Choke Shirt Company just released their Spring Line of 22 new t-shirts. This design by far my favorite. No, that’s not a turkey, it’s the elusive dodo…rocking another extinct object, the Walkman. I like it–it’s a very witty design, and...

/ March 20, 2013