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Headline Shirts is one of, if not my favorite, funny t-shirt brands. They’re funny in a way above the usual lewd and crude humor of funny t-shirt sites. I’d classify them somewhat in the same vein as Busted Tees, but often a little more intelligent. They’re pure comedic gold, and I would be happy wearing most of their offerings.

Headline Shirts also write some of the best product descriptions in the business. The product description is often comedic genius in itself. I sometimes find myself wishing I could carry around fliers with the description on it while I wear the shirt so I can give the people around me a taste of the humorous background of the shirt (ok…that’s hyperbole, but their product descriptions are really funny!).

Save mad moneys by using our coupon code. I’ll do my best to keep it updated–I promise! If I don’t, send me an angry email. Insult me, even. It’ll make me angry, which puts the motivating fire to update coupon codes inside of me!


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