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Local Celebrity has been a player in the t-shirt biz for quite a long time. They’re known, at least to me, for incredibly soft shirts and awesome pop-culture references. They’re pretty big for a brand–you can find them in a lot of stores, including the renowned Urban Outfitters.

Local Celebrity just recently, as of February 2009, completely revamped their site. They greatly improved the organization, and created the A-List, which allows Local Celebrity fans to pick up sweet t-shirts for well below the retail price. They also feature a daily t-shirt deal, which is composed of one shirt on sale for only $12. Use these coupons to bring down the cost of Local Celebrity shirts even more.


  1. […] A-list (which is free and simple, so you might as well). Check back to see if there’s ever a working Local Celebrity coupon (preview of a new troundup feature too!). 20% Off Coupon For Local Celebrity…Local Celebrity […]

  2. […] pick these two designs, and a third Purple Haze design, up at Local Celebrity. Also check out the Local Celebrity coupon page to see if they’ve released any in the future (I don’t think they have any coupons right […]

  3. […] game up. Until then, keep spending your shrinking cash on shirts like this from Local Celebrity. Use coupons too! 20% Off Coupon For Local Celebrity…Local Celebrity Releases Their New […]

  4. […] at checkout. It’s valid today only. You can save 5% every day by checking out our coupon page for Local Celebrity. Jimi Hendrix T-Shirts from Local […]

  5. […] you do too. You can pick it up for $22.00 (if you’re on the A-List). We’ve also got Local Celebrity coupons from time to time. Will Work For Euros from Local […]

  6. […] can pick it up at Local Celebrity for $22 with A-list pricing. We’ve also got Local Celebrity coupons for you if you like that whole saving money thing so many people are into. Beer Shirt from Local […]

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