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I never had any problems with Design by Humans‘ site before, but I will say that I like the changes they’ve made. They’ve pretty much redone everything, and I’ve yet to find a change that I don’t like. I’d say my favorite upgrade is to their product photos. With the new design, they’ve got much better product shots, with much better angles, so you can really get a feel for how the shirt will look on an actual person. Kudos to Design by Humans.

Also, I’ve still got that whole Design by Humans coupon thing running if anyone wants to save money, I try to keep it updated whenever I find a working code.

Posted by Colin

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  1. The redesign reminds me of Emptees.

  2. I definitely see that too. Some people are actually a little peeved because they think DBH’s new forum looks a little too much like Emptees’ forum.

  3. Do you have a working DBH coupon? The one at that link doesn’t work for me.

  4. For some reason the site feels less inviting. Very stark and … industrial maybe?

    I do like the layout of the voting pages.

  5. Thanks for the post about DBH! I made a few posts in our forum regarding the form design. I live emptees and have been a member for about 9 months. I was very inspired by the emptee forum, one of the best designed forums around IMO. But, ours is to similar and we are sening the wrong message. So to fix this u put together a new design yesterday an we will implement this week 🙂

  6. @Kane. I can’t find any working coupons right now, but I do still have my deal running here.

  7. In a bit over a year, they have accomplished so much. I admire them a great deal. Sheesh, I just got done getting my site built; I could not imagine doing it all over again in a year!

  8. I like what they did with their site. =)

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