I just got an email about a mini-documentary on Threadless’ incredible growth as purveyors of t-shirts. In the documentary they interview Jake Nickel (founder of Threadless), as well as other Threadless employees, designers, and general enthusiasts. I recommend you give it a watch.

You can find the original post on the documentary over at Motherboard.

Posted by Colin

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  1. inspirational for artists and entrepreneurs alike. A business that makes descisions based on a community is the way forward, as opposed to being sold something we perhaps did not really want or need by creative/seductive advertising. Which distributor would have pushed the cats and the piano?!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. The concept makes so much sense and it’s nice to see the personalities behind the company.

  3. Proof that a business lies solely in its audience.

  4. If I had my own T-Shirt business office it would be like this one. Going to work everyday would be fun. That’s how it should be.

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