I’m only 19, so I would never dream of consuming an alcoholic beverage such as beer, however, if I did have such aspirations, you can bet my first choice would be Dogfish Head. They’re a microbrewery from Delaware, and they are the shit (hypothetically). Their beers sound so unique and tasty, not to mention often high on the alcoholic content (9-10% is pretty common with them). One that I really liked reading about was Midas Touch. It sounds pretty amazingly delicious.

This is another one of those posts where I use t-shirts to talk about things I like that are completely unrelated to t-shirts. Yet, I think the Dogfish Head logo is pretty cool, and I would be happy to wear it on a shirt, so maybe you agree with me (or maybe you just like beer). Check out their site to buy the shirt, get better pictures, and read about their brews.

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  2. awesome t-shirt, even better beer! haha i’m diggin it!

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