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**Please note, I get a lot of email. I read it all, but I don’t respond to emails unless the email requires a response to something specific, or I’ve written a post about you. So even if you don’t get a response, I have indeed read your email and will check you out. If you’d really like to get in touch with me you can shoot me a follow-up email, but please don’t send more than two. I’m not trying to be rude, I just get enough email that responding to all of them would take too much time. If time were infinite, I would love to respond to everyone’s emails. Also, my name is Colin, so please call me that.

If you’d like to send me a shirt, I’m always cool with that (who isn’t?). I just want to make it clear, however, that sending a shirt does not positively affect your review (and likewise not sending a shirt doesn’t hurt you at all).

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You can also email me at colin [at] troundup [dot] com


  1. Hey man – i run a cool tshirt business. We have just started up, but things are going pretty well… Postage is free worldwide, the tshirts are high quality and the cost is pretty low.

    I was hoping you could blog some stuff about my site on here. it would be much appreciated, let me know if you have so i can check it out, cheers!


  2. Hello ,
    I have a few questions I would like to know. I wanted to know how I could market my t shirt line and where I could get buyers for stores and internet customers. I would like to know if I could be featured on your blog as well. I am also interested in advertising. Please let me know the prices. Hey Check out my website!! and click on the right
    and my store
    Thanks Alana

  3. Hey man,

    Thanks for creating such a great website. On my end, I created a clothing line called “Quotes” that solves the problem I myself had. I couldn’t find shirts with great messages on them that design wise didn’t suck. And on the other end I couldn’t find cool shirts that had a greater purpose than just being cool.

    Find the line at

    At (the main page) you also have the opportunity to sign up to receive a daily inspirational letter everyday inspired by famous quotes.

  4. Thanks Loads for this site Colin!
    I’ve found it to be extremely helpful with starting my label.

  5. hey guys,
    Check out my new t-shirt paradise here. be sure to get one for yourself.

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