T-Shirt Monster

T-shirt Monster was created with the goal of giving designers the ability to sell their shirts without having to stock inventory. However, despite being an on-demand printer, they also focus on quality (which is something I’ve seen some other sites lacking in). From their site:

As an on-demand T-shirt printer, we take printing seriously. Each and every T-Shirt we print is done with the utmost care, hand folded and quality inspected before being shipped to your door.

The cool thing is they also feature a (high paying) design competition. Their competition runs monthly, with the design being chosen by the community (ala Threadless and Design by Humans). The prizes are $1,000 cash, a $500 gift certificate, and $2 every time one of your shirts is sold. The design is also placed in their hall of fame, which can boost your sales, and subsequently royalties. This months contest is set to end March 31st, so it may be too late. However, theres always the contest for April.

I just thought it was interesting how they’ve kind of made a hybrid between being an on-demand printer and having a design competition. Maybe it’s been done, but this is the first time I’ve seen it, so it caught my eye. Be sure to check them out at T-Shirt Monster.

Oh, and check out this design too 🙂

T-Shirt Monster

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  1. The monthly contest prize was $1000 $500 gift certificate when it was in beta. Now that it is out of beta, the cash and prizes are only $250 cash plus $250 gift certificate.

  2. That design was actually taken from wordans.com. They seem to like inspiring themselves.

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