Sorry for the lack of product shots, but I couldn’t figure out how to grab the picture of an actual person wearing the shirt–but you can see that at the site.

Today’s Teextile shirt gave me a chuckle, and is one of the better/more creative Star Wars shirts I’ve seen. I just like the picture of a usually obedient, order-following Stormtrooper rocking out on his guitar.

This one will run you $12 for today only, and then $15 for the rest of the week. You can also get free shipping by using any of these links, or the code troundup. I also think I have a chance at placing in the contest they have running, which means anyone who buys through these links could win a free shirt (and I might win a MacBook! If I’m really lucky).

Posted by Colin

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  1. Usually Star Wars parody t-shirt designs are on a black t-shirts, so this design looks refreshing.

  2. This shirt was refreshing and fun! There are some excellent Star Wars parody shirts out there and this one rates pretty high on that list.

    To grab the shirt image you have to hover over the shirt and click “View Background Image” (in Firefox), then you can click the picture and save it. If that doesn’t work, try to refresh the page and do it again. Not much fun, but it works.

  3. Actually, it may have just gotten knocked out of the running thanks to this punnier, Go Ape Han “Guitar” Solo tee I just came across.

  4. Oh yeah, the Han “Guitar” Solo tee. I reviewed that Hans Solo tee back in September. That’s another one of those refreshing star wars tees. It is on a black shirt (as expected of Star Wars tees) but really funny though.

  5. I agree, the Han Solo one is definitely another gem.

  6. This shirt is being re-printed in a special run.

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