I was stumbling around the web earlier when I came upon this awesome site called Dudeism. Dudeism is essentially a religion/philosophy based upon The Big Lebowski’s Dude, among others. Apparently you can even become ordained as a ministir of Dudeism, which I’m certainly debating doing. I got a kick out of the site, as well as this image/shirt (found on the site), so I thought I would share it with y’all.

The Dude looks damn good as Uncle Sam. You can find this shirt at Dudeism’s Printfection store. Check it out, and remember to always take it easy.

Posted by Colin

Colin is a graphic t-shirt enthusiast living in Hanoi, Vietnam. When he's not browsing the latest graphic t-shirts, you can find him freelance writing for clients or sharing his latest travels.


  1. Should make another one with Walter pointing and telling Donnie to shut up.

  2. “Donnie! You’re out of your element!” A Walter shirt would be great. The Dude is pretty epic, Bridges just had a feature in Rolling Stone too.

  3. Church of the Latter-Day Dude? I love it. I wonder if you can legally perform marriages as a Dudeism minister… It sure looks like you can.

  4. Coool. But what I really need is a ‘You are entering a World of Pain’ one!!

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