There’s something about this movie…something that made me watch it twice in one weekend. I think a lot of it has to do with Zach Galifianakis; yet there’s some charm that goes further than that. For whatever reason, I love this movie, and laugh prolifically when viewing it. I’m a little late to the game, but I’ve decided to share my favorite t-shirts dealing with The Hangover. Enjoy…and revel at how many of them deal with Zach Galifianakis having a baby strapped to his chest…or a satchel. Also, this is the first post in a weekly series I’m starting called Movie Mondays. So, without further introduction, here are the top The Hangover t-shirts. Enjoy!

One Man Wolfpack from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. Again, involving Zach Galifianakis, making it all the more funny. You can also save 11% at Crazy Dog Shirts with our exclusive’ish Troundup coupon code.

Busted Tees’ take on the one man wolfpack. We’ve also got coupons for Busted Tees.

The last of the three shirt wolfpack (that I’ll be posting at least). This one is Snorg Tees’ interpretation. No coupons for Snorg Tees unfortunately 🙁 (although I’ve got that page just in case!).

Another one from Snorg Tees, and another one involving Mr. Galifianakis. It’s a satchel…Indiana Jones wears one.

Here’s an offering from Nerdy Shirts–you can impersonate Zach and carry around Carlos wherever you go. You can even save with a Nerdy Shirts coupon–it’s good for 10% off right now.

An almost identical Baby Carlos shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. It’s got different colorways though–I especially like the blue. Check above for the link to our Crazy Dog Shirts coupon.

Another one from Crazy Dog T-Shirts–they’ve got a bunch of  great Hangover shirts. This time it features Carlos AND Zach Galifianakis.

Oh Phil, your use of language is so inspiring. Don’t Text Me–It’s Gay from T-Shirt Outlet.

I love this line. Too Stupid to Insult from Crazy Dog T-Shirts.

And finally, no list of Hangover shirts would be complete without the awesome tee Zach Galifianakis wears on their actual night out in the movie. I give you, the capstone of this list…

Human Tree, available at 80s Tees.

That concludes our list, folks. Any good ones I missed? Let me know in the comments. Love The Hangover? Let me know in the comments. Hate The Hangover? Let me know in the comments? Wanna go on a date with me? You guessed it, put that in the comments (seriously, all legitimate offers will be considered). Are you a spambot looking to promote your latest pharmacy product? Let akismet know, and they’ll be sure to lump you in with the other 23,000 (yes, 23 thousand) spam comments that I’ve received.

Whelp, I’m done. I hope you enjoyed. Toss me some link love if you love me. Peace!

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  2. Thanks, Andy! I really appreciate it.

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