I knew these shirts would be coming (they’ve actually been out much sooner than this post, but I’m slow on the uptake). I haven’t actually seen the clip, but it’s been described to me many times, and I’ve seen the numerous spin off pictures, so I think I get the gist. Here are two shirts from the outburst, one by Busted Tees and one by Retro Plus Apparel. So here we go:

Busted Tees:


Also–save with a Busted Tees coupon.

Retro Plus Apparel:


And just because it’s funny…


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  1. Poor Kanye, he really dug his own grave, but then again he always seems to put his foot in his mouth doesn’t he?

    Taylor’s Video rocked though, that song is addictive!

  2. These are funny. I was wondering how to do a t-shirt that would make fun of Kanye. Great job guys.

  3. I wish I could have one of those shirts, I bet that would sell instantly in the market. LOL, if people wanted Kanye’s opinion, they could have bought his album.

  4. Thats hilarious. Thanks for sharing

  5. Had to be done, great tees!!!

  6. I love it! I don’t care what anyone says about Kanye, I will always be a fan.

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