Keeping in line with their previous releases, Linty Fresh’s March release is top notch. This is Eric’s (owner Linty Fresh) first collaboration on a shirt, and it turned out very well, and still has that Linty Fresh feel.

Linty Fresh is also holding a spring cleaning sale, so you check both that and The Petrol Kid out at their store.

P.S. Remember a few months ago when gas prices we’re pretty low? Those were the days–I guess the petrol kid has since rolled back into town though.

Posted by Colin

Colin is a graphic t-shirt enthusiast living in Hanoi, Vietnam. When he's not browsing the latest graphic t-shirts, you can find him freelance writing for clients or sharing his latest travels.


  1. Eric is at it again. I love this design. Hey, I just saw two days ago that gas prices were under $2. I think the prices have went back down from the nearly $4 a gallon days.

  2. They’re definitely down from way back, but a couple months ago I could get a gallon for under $1.50 (I think I’m remembering correctly). Now they’re back up around $2.

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