Top Five Obama Shirts

The Pennsylvania primary is right around the corner, and this year it actually means something, so we’re seeing tons of political ads everywhere. Hence, I thought it would be appropriate to take this time to make a list of the best Obama (he’s who I’m leaning towards right now) shirts out there. The goal of this is to find political shirts that don’t…suck. So, hopefully you enjoy. In no particular order…


We’ll start off with this one from American Pig Brand, whose goal with this design was to create a good looking, urban Obama shirt. I think they succeeded. It costs $24.99 and is printed on American Apparel.


This one takes a little more humorous route, while still still being a good design. It costs $17.99 and is printed on American Apparel. For every shirt bought $1 is donated to the Obama campaign.


This is another one from American Pig Brand. To be honest, they probably have the best Obama shirts out there. Again, this one will run you $24.99 and is printed on American Apparel.


This one is simple, but nonetheless an excellent design. The blue spatter takes it from being boring to good looking. The cost on this one varies depending on what type of shirt you get it printed on.


Lastly, no list of Obama shirts would be complete without the “Barak Obama is my Homeboy” shirt. This one seems to be very popular. I like it, i just prefer the American Pig Brand designs above. This one also varies depending on configuration.


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