The Pennsylvania primary is right around the corner, and this year it actually means something, so we’re seeing tons of political ads everywhere. Hence, I thought it would be appropriate to take this time to make a list of the best Obama (he’s who I’m leaning towards right now) shirts out there. The goal of this is to find political shirts that don’t…suck. So, hopefully you enjoy. In no particular order…


We’ll start off with this one from American Pig Brand, whose goal with this design was to create a good looking, urban Obama shirt. I think they succeeded. It costs $24.99 and is printed on American Apparel.


This one takes a little more humorous route, while still still being a good design. It costs $17.99 and is printed on American Apparel. For every shirt bought $1 is donated to the Obama campaign.


This is another one from American Pig Brand. To be honest, they probably have the best Obama shirts out there. Again, this one will run you $24.99 and is printed on American Apparel.


This one is simple, but nonetheless an excellent design. The blue spatter takes it from being boring to good looking. The cost on this one varies depending on what type of shirt you get it printed on.


Lastly, no list of Obama shirts would be complete without the “Barak Obama is my Homeboy” shirt. This one seems to be very popular. I like it, i just prefer the American Pig Brand designs above. This one also varies depending on configuration.

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    The big brother tees of my girly t-shirt that has crush on / hot mama loves Obama t-shirts

    I DIG IT! lol


  3. i like the design, especially “yes we can”

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  6. What do you think of this Barack Obama Bo Selecta T-shirt @
    Maybe the sixth

  7. Good stuff! Please take a look at my Obama political t-shirts here at They’re Barack Star t-shirts and are some of the coolest Obama shirts around.


  8. I hadn’t seen the Barack, paper, scissors one yet. Good one! I also have a few Obama designs at

  9. I forgot to mention that we have very cool kid’s Obama t-shirts. Let your kids or some other kids that you know, party like a barack star as well! Very cool…

  10. What about Count Barackula For President?

  11. interesting review of the obama t-shirts check our site for some more obama shirts

  12. I REALLY like THE PAPER/SCISSORS! Supercute OBAMA tees!

  13. How about NOBama? hahaha

  14. i love the paper/scissors too. i have some Rasta’Bama shirts for those of you Obama supporters with Caribbean flavor. Check um out @


  16. I just bought this Obama T-shirt printed on a really nice American Apparel brown shirt. It looks really good and I have already been getting compliments on it…I bought it at a street fair in Seattle but I think they are still offering free shipping so check it out at

  17. I like the Barack Obama is my homeboy t-shirt. lol.

  18. I just came across an new Obama t-shirt designed by artist Justin Bua.check his stuff out at http://WWW.JUSTINBUA.COM

  19. Found this site with the best Obama stamp tee I’ve seen!!!

  20. hot Obama tees on this site!!!

  21. BuildStrong Obama fingerprint of a generation tees are by far my favorite

  22. hey, have you seen these? These are the best Obama shirts I’ve ever seen…. hands down. They are embroidered, not screen printed.

  23. I think these are some really fine Obama Shirts

  24. oooo, i really like the first one, particularly for my bf. i have this one:

  25. LargeXL has a few shirts available which dropped the McCain text into the Obama logo, and the Obama/Biden text into McCain/Palin’s logo. Pretty slick. Check it out at

  26. I know I’m super late to this but I designed this shirt yesterday and wanted to share it with everyone. Its my support for Barack Obama with a graphic inspired by our childhood favorite “Schoolhouse Rock” for which I’ve dubbed “White House Barock!” Check it out and spread the word if you like it.

  27. For a limited time FREE SHIPPING on Barack Obama t-shirts at

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  29. Hey all – if you guys like political tees, check out the ones on

    They are all designed by independent artists so support them and go and vote for your favorites today!

  30. To buy the OBAMA shirt that Madonna wore in London on Sept. 1, 2008, go to my online store:

  31. The best Obama shirts, by far, are the ones done by New York-based designer Elektra Printz. Check out

  32. Rock Paper Scissors is good.
    I also saw one that said Barack the vote. I might buy that. i think it’s on cafepress too. i love cafepress.
    Also some good ones on MCPAIN.

    Some good ones here
    (mcpain in the butt, do it donkey style, and i love the one that references the bush NUCULAR thing… obama the NEW CLEAR choice. ha ha ha!)

  33. You can pick up the Barack the vote one here:

    I’m sure there are a bunch of shirts like that, but I think that design is one of the better ones.

  34. We got 12 awesome Obama designs. Check us out!

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  37. Check out this awesome “No Problem” Obama T-shirt and coffee mug!!

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  39. I think the shirts do not show who Obama really is, or what he is for. May be a list of what he will change, or pro abortion, or for gay rights, or a picture of his birth certificate, or even redistribution of wealth, or taxing the little guy

  40. awesome post! these are well designed tshirts i dont see too many of. i have a perosnal favorit obama tshirt – “i voted the black half.” says it all! check out

  41. Marc-Arthur Cayo January 4, 2009 at 5:16 PM

    I’d like the desing yes we can

  42. Finally, an easy way to answer the question “Did you ever think you’d live to see a Black President?”

  43. You might dig this My favorite T-shirt with Obama and Batman

  44. The ‘Barack, papers, scissors t-shirts is hilarious.
    “He even beats paper”. First I though I’d see the same tees as in my Obama Tees articles, but these ones are completely different.

  45. Barack-paper-scissors ROCKS. No pun intended. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how Many Obama T shirt designs are out there? Obama T shirts themselves must have been a huge boost to the US economy.

  46. Love the Barack-paper-scissors. I’ve NEVER seen that before. Check out this one-

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