Many Hands Make the Load Lighter - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Here’s two more shirts helping Haiti, both from relatively large companies–Threadless and Local Celebrity respectively. I like how companies have been stepping up and offering the entire proceeds of the sales to charity instead of just a portion.

Threadless’ proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund while Local Celebrity’s will go to Yele Haiti, which is Wyclef Jean’s organization.

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  1. We are donating the proceeds from the sale of ALL the products in our zazzle shop through 02/22/10 to the American RED CROSS Haiti Relief & Development Fund:

    We’ve designed this shirt as our way of supporting the relief efforts in Haiti:

    We’ve already sold some shirts, but we do need help getting the word out.
    We will continue to donate the proceeds from the sale of this shirt beyond 02/22/10. We will keep the shirt available in our shop to continue to raise funds to donate to the American Red Cross. Thanks for supporting this cause!

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