Category: T-Shirt Sales

Free Shipping at DBH on Any Order Size! + Really Cheap DBH Tees

God Damn–this is hot. DBH is offering free shipping on any order size (even one shirt!). Also, that means if you wanna buy shirts through me for 30% off you don’t have to pay shipping no matter what. So a...

/ October 10, 2009

Uneetee Mystery Gift Card Promotion

Uneetee, who pumps out some consistent quality designs, just sent me an email about their new mystery gift card promotion. It’s pretty cool–basically you buy a mystery gift card for $5. You are then guaranteed to receive at least a...

/ July 21, 2009

Sale Over at Retro Plus Apparel

Bill from Retro Plus Apparel has got a big sale going on, with 11 (or 12 maybe?) shirts on sale for only $12. He prints on really good quality Alternative Apparel blanks, so that’s a dang good deal. Check it...

/ July 7, 2009

25% Off All Design by Humans Shirts

Through running troundup, I’ve managed to accumulate a large chunk of DBH Dollars. Given that I’m about to head off to college and Lollapalooza (and I just came back from Europe), I could use a little spending cash, so giving...

/ July 4, 2009

20/20 Sale Over at Goodie Two Sleeves

I feel like it’s kind of pointless for me to write anything after the very informative graphic above. Maybe I’ll just throw out some random words: banana, slinky, muskrat, otter. If someone makes a t-shirt combining those four elements, I’ll...

/ July 2, 2009

Threadless Shirt Auctions on eBay are Almost Done!!

All my Threadless shirt auctions on eBay end tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:00 PM Eastern time. If you’re a guys medium check em out, because you can snag a bunch of Threadless shirts on the cheap. I’ve got seven packs of...

/ May 31, 2009

15% Off Coupon at Palmercash–Storewide

I really like Palmercash, so I like posting about coupons when they have them (we might have gone over this before). They’ve got one again, and this one will get you 15% off your entire order. Their shirts will make...

/ May 27, 2009

Astrobear from Bear Annihilator

How’s this for a company description? I’ll answer before you read it–it’s awesome. Bear Annihilator Apparel is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality mutant, robotic, oversized and irate-bear related clothing in the world. They’ve got some sweet designs, this...

/ May 17, 2009

Midnight Madness Sale at Busted Tees–All Shirts 30-60% Off

I don’t think Busted Tees has had a sale this big in a long time, so jump on it! All shirts 30-60% off until midnight tonight.

/ May 15, 2009

20% Off at Uneetee Until May 2nd

Uneetee has some pretty sweet shirts, so when they have a sale going, I usually take notice and let people know about it. So, here it is. Use code LABORDAY at checkout from now until May 2nd and get 20%...

/ April 29, 2009

2009 Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale!11!

For one week, Threadless has slashed the prices on tons of stuff, with tees from just $5. This means that for you, t-shirt fans, things are pretty awesome. I just wish Threadless hadn’t made their shipping charges so high. Check...

/ March 16, 2009

St. Patty’s Day Sales at Uneetee and Snorg Tees

Outside of drinking, St. Patty’s day is also good for sales. So here are the big deals I’ve gotten so far: Uneetee is offering a 20% off coupon code: “STPATRICK20“. I believe you can use it for anything, although it...

/ March 14, 2009