Category: T-Shirts

Robot T-Shirt from Royal Family Clothing

I was digging through my mailbox and found an I missed email from Royal Family Clothing. It’s a shame I did, as they’ve got some nice shirts. They’re new on the block, so they could use their support. This one,...

/ February 24, 2008

Rising T-Shirt from ThreadJunkies

Scott from ThreadJunkies just shot me an email letting me know about the launch of his company. I must say they’ve got some pretty sharp designs over. There are several I like, a couple I really like, and one I...

/ February 22, 2008

Lightning Bugs from Shirt.Woot

Because I got featured on Shirt.woot today, I figured it would be only fitting to return the favor. This works out well, because I do indeed like today’s offering. The title works well – you have a bunch of bugs...

/ February 21, 2008

Threadless Custom Tees Are Here

Today marks the official release of Threadless’ brand new line of Custom Tees. No more will Threadless devotees be forced to wear the uncomfortable (I think) Fruit of the Loom tees. The new custom tees are soft and somewhat similar...

/ February 19, 2008

Imagine from Design by Humans

Another hit from Design by Humans. I think they’ve surpassed Threadless as my favorite competition. This one is just an excellent design, very… surreal? I like how it’s not contained, the dots on the shirt add a lot. Remember the...

/ February 16, 2008

Lovespread from Palm Shirts

I just came across Palm Shirts, a relatively new (as far as I can tell) brand out of Portugal, and I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite shirt from them, although I do like most of them...

/ February 11, 2008

I’m Way More Competitive Than You

  There aren’t a lot of text tees out there that I like – however, this one from Stand-up tees has the privilege – nay – the honor, of joining that select list. I like it. Name: I’m Way More...

/ February 7, 2008

Legend from Threadless

Legend – Threadless It’s a funky take on Godzilla. Buy it. I wish it was printed on their new custom shirts though. Remember: Threadless coupon

/ February 4, 2008

Rock Beats Paper T-Shirt

Why does paper beat rock? I’ve always wondered- it doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, this one is also sold out in everything except S and XL. I’m really hoping they reprint. Name: Rock Beats Paper T-Shirt Type: American Apparel Price: $15.00...

/ February 3, 2008

Roots City T-Shirt by Congress Clothing

There are a lot of t-shirts with similar themes (cities + nature), but I think this one from Congress Clothing is one of the better ones out there. Unfortunately it’s sold out in everything except XS and XL, but, who...

/ February 3, 2008

Into the Woods from Naive Clothing

The woods can be frightening; at every turn there are hidden dangers. However the woods can be beautiful as well because with every hidden danger also lies a hidden beauty. In this life, we will find ourselves lost in the...

/ January 30, 2008

I Wish I Were from Threadless

I Wish I Were Genius design from Ian Leino. I haven’t been impressed with Threadless’ offerings lately, but this is one that will bring me back (or will at least get a purchase out of me). Check it out and...

/ January 29, 2008