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New T-Shirts at Tank Theory

Tank Theory just released four new t-shirts as part of their June update. There’s one new t-shirt of the month, two artist society tees, and one standard tee (pictured above). They’ve also extended their $15 sale to some new t-shirts....

/ June 16, 2007

Toast T-Shirt from Dirty Microbe

I already own this shirt, but I realized I never got around to writing about it. This shirt is probably my favorite humor shirt out there (I only say that because I like some designs better). It’s just so simple...

/ June 12, 2007

Umbrellas T-Shirt from No Star

The moral of the shirt, “in the end, everything will be okay.”, is one well worth mentioning. I think No Star took an excellent approach to this design; it’s one of the first No Star shirts I’ve really wanted. I...

/ June 9, 2007

Munchie Brain T-Shirts

  Just found out about Munchie Brain over at Addicteed and I really like what I see. They’ve got some excellent designs, and, as an added bonus, part of their profits end up going towards charitable organizations. Check them out...

/ June 5, 2007

Last Day of the Threadless Sale

Today is most likely the last day of the Threadless sale (although it could get extended), so make sure to buy all the shirts you want soon. There were two shirts released today that I liked, check em out below:...

/ June 3, 2007

Nice Boobies T-Shirt from Threadless Reprinted

Nice Boobies – Threadless Threadless reprinted Nice Boobies, which I’ve been wanting to see reprinted for awhile. Check it out! [ratings]

/ June 2, 2007

10% Off Coupon at SEIBEI

  SEIBEI is getting ready to launch a few new shirts, and is also sporting a sleek new website design. What better way to celebrate than releasing some coupons? You can use the code “troundup” to get 10% off your...

/ May 31, 2007

Bird Striker T-Shirt from Hyperpony

I just came upon Hyperpony from an ad I click on and I like what I see. This shirt, Bird Striker, is probably one of my favorites. “The Bird Striker tee is about declaring your independence and looking damn good...

/ May 29, 2007

Summer Sale at Threadless

$10 t-shirts? New shirts every day? Threadless’ summer sale is absolutely amazing. This is my first summer of Threadless, so I don’t know if they do this every year, but I’m certainly excited for the next week of t-shirts. My...

/ May 28, 2007

Death Bunny T-Shirt from Scary Go Round

“Death has a bunny and they are friends. We don’t need to push this issue.” Printed on a Beefy T, which isn’t ideal. But, nonetheless, I still love this quirky design from Scary Go Round. Price: 9.00 Pounds | Scary...

/ May 26, 2007

Cheap American Apparel Shirts

If anyone is looking for cheap (plain) American Apparel t-shirts, I think I may have found the best location. I’m buying from Andrew Christian on Amazon and so far it’s the cheapest place to buy I’ve found (outside of having...

/ May 24, 2007

15% Off Dirty Coast T-Shirts

  Just stopping in quick to let you guys know that Dirty Coast has just released a coupon worth 15% off all their shirts. Use the code “FESS” to get your savings. Expect a review of some of their tees...

/ May 22, 2007