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An Awesome Week at Threadless

I think this week is one of the best weeks Threadless has had in awhile in terms of raw t-shirt awesomeness. There’s a bunch of new designs I like plus two reprints of great shirts. So, let’s get into it....

/ May 21, 2007

Learn How to Screenprint Your Own Shirts

Ever wanted to learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts? If so, today’s your lucky day. Make Magazine just posted up an education video on learning how to screenprint your own shirts. Thanks to Tcritic

/ May 20, 2007

Four New T-Shirts from Beautiful/Decay

Beautiful/Decay just released four new t-shirts from four new artists.  It’s an incredible batch and I like all of them. If I had to choose, I’d say my two favorites are Lung Music (right) and Secret Weapon (left), but they’re...

/ May 16, 2007

Yama T-Shirt from CUSTOM Industries

I liked the Bushido t-shirt CUSTOM Industries sent me so much that I decided to showcase another one of their shirts. This t-shirt hails from Mongolia and is inspired by the Buddhist lord of death (Yama). Like Bushido, this is...

/ May 13, 2007

Unicorn and F15 Jets T-Shirt from beta

“Unicorns kick ass. Look at those F15 Jets Flying away. No one messes with a Unicorn.” The above description from the site pretty much sums up the t-shirt in its badass entirety. Beta, the designer, screen prints all their shirts...

/ May 13, 2007

Shuttlecock T-Shirt from Glarkware

Shuttlecock is another bit of pure genius from Glarkware, just think about it…I don’t think a huge explanation is needed for this. Price: $20.00 | Glarkware Thanks T-Shirts Around [ratings]

/ May 9, 2007

New Threadless Shirts, BioShock and Luggage

This week’s batch of Threadless shirts brings the winner of the BioShock Loves contest as well as some other great designs. The Leftover – Threadless By far my favorite of this week, The Leftover is the winner of the BioShock...

/ May 7, 2007

Locust T-Shirt from Faveur

Faveur is a relatively new designer using religion as their influence in many of their designs. Now, i’m not religious, but luckily, with or without the deeper meaning, their shirts are really cool. Here’s the inspiration behind this one, So...

/ May 6, 2007

Awesome T-Shirt Video

The video for Justice’s D.A.N.C.E features some badass shirts. If anyone knows where to get these, let me know in a comment. Props to T-Shirt Island [ratings]

/ May 5, 2007

Sharing is Caring T-Shirt from Dirty Microbe

If you’re a nerd like me, you’re probably familiar with the huge Digg scandal yesterday over the recently cracked HD-DVD Key. If you’re not a nerd, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Basically, the number allows copies...

/ May 2, 2007

Intramural Zombie Hunter T-Shirt from Seibei

After watching Shaun of the Dead (for the 3rd time) this weekend, I came across this t-shirt from Seibei. Because I love Shaun of the Dead, this shirt was a no brainer for me to buy. The cool thing is...

/ May 1, 2007

This Weeks Threadless Shirts

There are three shirts I like this week, two of which I’ll probably end up buying. Overall, a solid week for Threadless. The first one is Jump from Enora Josse, an outright hilarious design. I also don’t have many dark...

/ April 30, 2007