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Threadless Tees from the week of February 25th

So because of the launch of their Custom tees, Threadless is back on my list of sites to watch. I haven’t actually received any of Threadless’ new shirts, so I ask you, my readers: How are the new Custom shirts?...

/ February 25, 2008

Threadless Custom Tees Are Here

Today marks the official release of Threadless’ brand new line of Custom Tees. No more will Threadless devotees be forced to wear the uncomfortable (I think) Fruit of the Loom tees. The new custom tees are soft and somewhat similar...

/ February 19, 2008

Legend from Threadless

Legend – Threadless It’s a funky take on Godzilla. Buy it. I wish it was printed on their new custom shirts though. Remember: Threadless coupon

/ February 4, 2008

I Wish I Were from Threadless

I Wish I Were Genius design from Ian Leino. I haven’t been impressed with Threadless’ offerings lately, but this is one that will bring me back (or will at least get a purchase out of me). Check it out and...

/ January 29, 2008

Darwin Kick from Threadless

Yeah…I posted about two mainstream competitions in a row, so maybe you’re getting bored – but – I like both these shirts (this and the DBH one), so I think they’re worth mentioning. I just wish Threadless had printed this...

/ January 22, 2008

Be A Panda T-Shirt from Threadless

Be A Panda – Threadless Lately, there haven’t been too many Threadless designs that I had any interest in. Thankfully, Be A Panda breaks that trend – it’s definitely one of my favorite designs from the past couple months.

/ January 7, 2008

Selling Threadless Gift Certificates for Cheap

Sorry, a bit of shameless self promotion here. I’m selling off a bunch of extra Threadless gift certificates I have sitting around. While, I wish I could be as generous as Karl over at tcritic and give them away for...

/ December 1, 2007

Me Vs. Me Tshirt from Threadless

I guess I’m a little late, but I really like this week’s new Select t-shirt from Threadless, entitled Me. Vs. Me. Because it’s a Select, it’s printed on American Apparel and sells for $25. Me Vs. Me – Threadless Remember...

/ November 11, 2007

This Week’s Threadless Shirts

There are three I like, one being the new select, and two just regular prints. Royal Intrigued Series 1 – Threadless Playground Joust – Threadless Viking Bird – Threadless I’m sure everyone knows the details about Threadless shirts, so I...

/ October 15, 2007

New Working Threadless Coupon

Threadless has just released a new working coupon code good for $3 off an order. Head over to Threadless Coupon to save some money on your next shirt(s).

/ July 21, 2007

Parable Paranoia from Threadless

This is one of my favorite Threadless Select tee’s that’s been printed in a long time. I love the combination of characters from both fairytales and folklore, and the gold foil adds an extra touch of awesome. Normally I’d shy...

/ July 21, 2007

Last Day of the Threadless Sale

Today is most likely the last day of the Threadless sale (although it could get extended), so make sure to buy all the shirts you want soon. There were two shirts released today that I liked, check em out below:...

/ June 3, 2007