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*Please note, if you are looking to get your shirts reviewed, I ask that you head over to the “Get Reviewed” page and fill out the contact form located there. I’ve done this to streamline the process. I get a lot of emails, and it’s hard to sort through all of them. So hopefully this will benefit everyone.

**Also, I get a lot of email. I read it all, but I don’t respond to emails unless the email requires a response to something specific, or I’ve written a post about you. So even if you don’t get a response, I have indeed read your email and will check you out. If you’d really like to get in touch with me you can shoot me a follow-up email, but please don’t send more than two. I’m not trying to be rude, I just get enough email that responding to all of them would take too much time. If time were infinite, I would love to respond to everyone’s emails. Also, my name is Colin, so please call me that.

If you’d like to send me a shirt, I’m always cool with that (who isn’t?). I just want to make it clear, however, that sending a shirt does not positively affect your review (and likewise not sending a shirt doesn’t hurt you at all).

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You can also email me at colin [at] troundup [dot] com


  1. I may be interested in one of the Random Bundles depending on what shirts are going to be in each. 🙂

  2. Hello Colin. Hope all is well.
    I have a line Crooked star Clothing which is tearing up the streets of NYC and L.A. We’ve got it into a few boutiques and recently put in a purchase order with Macys for further distribution.
    The line is hot and stands alone. I too receive an average of 225 e-mails daily, most of which are photos of happy Croked Star purchasers and Celeb watchers who have caught celebritied gracing their Crooked Star luxury T’s. Just blogging about the line at this point will get the both of us much positive traffic. How do I get a review?

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