I think I’ve made a few comments before about foil being awesome, which makes me all the more happy to announce that Design by Humans will be releasing two foil using shirts in the next two days (well, today and tomorrow technically). According to the newsletter it’s been several months since they’ve used foil, but I can’t say I ever remember seeing them use it, so I was pretty psyched by the email. I like both the shirts, but Chaos Theory by Mathiole is my definite favorite. The blue foil just looks totally rad. Check em out!



Also, I’ll be putting up a new DBH coupon soon, AND the deal where I’m offering 28% off of all DBH shirts is still going. Hell, I’ll even bump it up to 33% off all shirts for everyone.

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  1. Chaos Theory by Mathiole has to be my favourite too.

  2. Wow! this is really awesome. one of the coolest shirts I’ve seen.

  3. Design by Humans seem to have every medium licked, and are never phased by the complexity of the winning T shirt designs, guardians of existence is an amazing design. Well done again DBH!

  4. […] Design by Humans Busts Out Some Intense Foil’age by TroundupDesign By Humans is a very innovative company. They are always testing the limits with their prints and not afraid to try some mixed media. In this case, they are breaking out the blue and gold foil for a Mathiole design that is full of awesomeness. Check it out! […]

  5. DBH is a bunch of crooks! I’d never shop with them again. They took my $88 and I never got my order. They seemed hardly concerned about it.

  6. I’ve spent over $3,000 at DBH and had no problems. You should get in contact with customer service.

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