Gino Orlandi was kind enough to team up with me to give away a free copy of his eBook, Fuel for Design. I wrote a little about the eBook over at this post, but in a short summary, it basically gives you a detailed and complete overview of the entire process of designing, printing, marketing and selling t-shirts. So if you’re thinking of starting your own clothing line, or are even remotely interested in the concept (it’s free, so you might as well), I’d definitely check this out. Free is a pretty good deal over the usual $37.

Here are the details for the contest, straight from Gino himself:


About Fuel for Design

For entrepreneurs who want to Start a Clothing Line or designers who want to become adept at online marketing, the new e-book, Fuel for Design, is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your online business and leverage the power of the Internet to market your products.

Fuel for Design Giveaway

All you have to do to win a copy of Fuel for Design is to leave a comment below telling us about what you do or plan to in the clothing line industry. Only one commenter per person, good luck! We will pick one winner from amongst the comments.

Other eBooks

Don’t forget to check out Gino’s other eBooks Fuel for Art and Fuel for Photography!

The giveaway will end in one week, so on Friday, July 10th.

Posted by Colin

Colin is a graphic t-shirt enthusiast living in Hanoi, Vietnam. When he's not browsing the latest graphic t-shirts, you can find him freelance writing for clients or sharing his latest travels.


  1. Looks Ideal! I have just started producing my own t-shirts, and also recently sold my first design to a big name, yay! Without a big(well, any at the moment) budget, and teaching myself illustrator (I’m more comfortable with Fireworks), I’m looking for every little marketing, design and whatever-else trick there is!

  2. I plan to enter the fashion industry next spring. My plan is to design t-shirts that promote positivity and acceptance of individuality. Something for everyone of every culture.Something that everyone will love and be able to express themselves. From urban to vintage.Watch out because I’m coming.

  3. me and my friend are discussing about starting a clothing line and were really interested but need help on how to run a clothing business. we want to start an urban kind of hip-hop/skate type. we have already started brainstorming and have great ideas. the problem is knowing how and where to start it, which i know this book can help us wit. were kids with a big dream and want to keep it going. but we need the right resources and knowledge. please consider the book to us

  4. Hola

    I am a 19 year old artist currently attending college. I have drawn since i was very young and have always loved it. I want to use my art and designs for whenever I do create a clothing line and also do much more besides using my art because I really love fashion a lot. If I am rewarded with this book it would help me lot because I know little of what to do? I’m not rich so I don’t have many priveleges as rich people do or people with money which means I must work five times as hard and I don’t have a lot of connections or have the luck to buy this book. It would mean the world to me if I am rewarded with this book.

  5. MY friend and i have tons of ideas and they are very hilarious and want to start up my own t shirt line someday and visiting a bunch of shirt sites and stuff helpa lot to see what designs other people have and i cant wait to have a shirt line vintage and funny shirts..great site this is!

  6. I want to start a t-shirt design company, Im tired of buying other peoples designs and not getting the full enjoyment out of it. My line would be a multiple platform of Urban, Grafitti, Hip Hop, Vintage, Abstract, and Grunge. Getting a copy of this book might help, but I dont know the first thing except for designing, and I dont have any budget.

  7. I am working on a line of ladies yoga tee’s that are partially screen print and part embroidery. I am having trouble understanding the process. Also having issues finding reasonable priced vendors to get shirts processed through.
    Thanks for your help

  8. I just graduated from college with a BFA in graphic design/studio art. Because the economy sucks and I can’t find a company to hire me I began designing tee shirts for local bands, I design the shirts for free as long as I can print my logo and website on the sleeve of the shirt, therefore the bands can make money for recording and I will hopefully pick up more business. I went on vaca. to the beach after graduation and saw a new side of advertsing and thought to myself I can make even sweeter designs than that!(because im from a very small farm town) and ever since have been pondering the question of buying a commercial site and creating a line of clothes and surf apparel using my illustration and graphic design skills to create new cutting edge tee shirts and apparel that everyone can afford yet look funky fresh in at the beach. 🙂

  9. My name is nick and I plan to start a clothing line called Pryde. Pryde is suppose to help kids not have to care what people think about themselves. For example, my shirts, pants, etc. would all have something that would contribute to getting through the day. A saying like, “Live like there’s no tomorrow” or, “Live & love life.” I plan on doing this but making the clothing affordable..

    P.S: Pryde is pronounced pride but with a Y instead of an I. (x

  10. I have kids.
    I spend lots of money on kids t-shirts.
    I want to sell my own t-shirts.
    I want to put my kids through college with the sale of my t-shirts.

  11. Hello, my name is Leon Connell, I’m 17 years old, and my goal for starting a clothing line is for men an women, all shapes and sizes, to possess a sense of confidence and style while wearing my clothes.

    The reason I want to start a clothing line is because when I was younger and even now, it’s so hard just to go into a store and find exactly what you really like. You also have to look at, size, fabric, and definitely the price. I struggled my whole life finding clothes that exactly fits me. My parents would always tell me, “It’s hard to shop for me because I love expensive things and a certain look that no one else was wearing.” I want my clothes to look expensive, but actually be affordable for everyone.

    Please reply,
    Leon Connell

    Phone# 1-340-626-4324

    I really want this opportunity.

  12. Hi, im Darnae. Im 17 and im an inspiring artist. i love to design. Im going to school in the fall for fashion design.. i already have a business plan but i need to market my clothing. i have designs in my head along with a clothing line name and logo that are very catchy and attention absorbers. i just need to get the ideas on paper. i would appreciate any advice that anyone is willing to offer. and if anyone happens to know of where i may get my clothing printed, please feel free to email me at

    Thank You. (:

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