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I’m Giving Away 14 Threadless Gift Certificates Over 14 Days–Birthday Bonanza!


My 21st birthday is coming up on September 20th. This is a big deal for me, so I wanted to celebrate with all my awesome troundup readers. Therefore, I cooked up this little promotion. Every day for the next two weeks, I will give away one $25.00 Threadless  gift certificate (14 total!). I will be doing my giveaways mostly through the troundup Facebook page, although I might do some on the actual blog or Twitter. On my actual birthday (September 2oth), I’ll be upping the ante with a $100.00 Threadless gift certificate. So, I’m giving away a total of fourteen Threadless gift certificates over the next two weeks. Follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook to keep abreast of all the action!

I’ll also give you a Threadless gift certificate if you buy me a present. How does this work, you ask? I’ve created an Amazon wishlist of items in the $10-$18 range. Yes, a few cost as little as $10! If you buy me one of these items, you’ll get a $25.00 Threadless gift certificate. So just buy an item from the list (Amazon will let you automatically ship it to me), and then shoot me an email (no surprises unfortunately!) and I’ll get you your gift! I need to expand my vinyl collection so hopefully some people will have an interest in this!

Happy Birthday Bonanza, everyone! Any donations of libations are always appreciated.

I’m Giving Away a FREE T-Shirt from Headline Shirts

It’s time for another t-shirt giveaway. I’m really happy about this one, because Headline Shirts is one of my favorite t-shirt companies, and one of the best purveyors of funny t shirts out there. Just like before, I’m going to make it super simple to enter.

If you’d like to enter and win any of Headline Shirts’ awesome designs, just head on over to their site, pick out your favorite shirt, and tell me which one it is in the comment section. So: go look at Headline Shirts, pick your favorite, leave a comment telling me which is your favorite (and if you wanna say why that’s cool too).

The contest will end next Thursday (4/14) at 11:59pm. I will use a random number generator to pick one of the comments at random. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks to Headline Shirts for offering up a free tee!

Exclusive $5 Off Any Order Coupon from Crazy Dog T-Shirts + Contest

Hi there, I’m just stopping in for a quick mid-day notification. Crazy Dog T-Shirts has been kind enough to offer troundup an exclusive coupon good for $5 off any order with no minimum. So, if you were to order 1 shirt it would be ~28% off, and 2 shirts would be ~14% off–that’s better than what anyone else is offering. Just use the code TROUND5 to get the $5 discount, and head over to our Crazy Dog T-Shirts coupon page to get access to any future deals.

Also, we’re still running the Crazy Dog T-Shirts contest. All you have to do is leave a comment and you’re entered to win a free shirt from the Crazy Dog dudes. Wow, dog. That’s so cool.

troundup is Giving Away A Free T-Shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Does anyone dislike free stuff? If so, I suggest you navigate away (and quickly). If you are a fan of the free.99 price tag though, then I suggest you read on. Crazy Dog T-Shirts, a long-time sponsor of troundup, has offered to kindly give away one of their numerous t-shirts to one lucky winner. The winner will have this shirt shipped directly to them, and will be able to bathe in cottony goodness without having to participate in the god-awful act of cracking open their wallet.

I’ve made entering the contest pretty easy: all you have to do is navigate to Crazy Dog T-Shirts’ website, pick out your favorite shirt, and share it in a comment on this post. You don’t have to tell me why it’s your favorite (although that’s always encouraged, because getting into people’s minds is fun), just put it there in a comment. A week from today (midnight of Wednesday, March 2nd), I will randomly pick a winner from all the eligible comments. I will email that winner, and that person will tell me what shirt they want (it doesn’t have to be the same one in the comment), and where they want it shipped, and I will sayeth, let it be shipped, and Crazy Dog T-Shirts will ship it.

Sounds simple (and maybe a little like old English at the end there, eh), right? Just leave a comment with your favorite shirt and you’re entered to win. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

About Crazy Dog T-Shirts:

Founded in 2004, Crazy Dog Shirts has been pumping out funny t-shirts ever since from their Rochester, New York home base. They feature both unique and licensed funny shirts, along with custom shirts, and are bound to have something for everyone.

NerdyShirts Contest Ends Today

The NerdyShirts contest ends today (Sunday) at 11pm est. If you want to win one of five shirts, then you just need to do one (or both) of the following:

Get one entry for retweeting this message (without the quotes): “RT I want a free t-shirt from @NerdyShirts. Do you? #troundupc”

Get one entry for linking to this blog post–email me via the contact me page to let me know about it.

It’s so painfully easy to enter that there really is no reason not to!

NerdyShirts Partners up with Troundup for a Contest!! We’re Giving Away 5 Shirts!!

NerdyShirts, popular purveyors of funny t-shirts, have been kind enough to partner up with me to give away five (yes, 5!) of their shirts to five different winners.

I’m going to keep things simple with the contest, and as has been the trend, will be incorporating Twitter. You’ll get one entry for retweeting a post (read below for the details) and one entry for linking to this blog post from your blog. Add that up, and you get a possible max of two entries (you don’t have to do both if you don’t want). Here are the exact details:

Get one entry for retweeting this message (without the quotes): “RT I want a free t-shirt from @NerdyShirts. Do you? #troundupc”

Get one entry for linking to this blog post–email me via the contact me page to let me know about it.

Contest will end Sunday night (January 31st) at 11pm est. I will randomly pick 5 winners to win one shirt each.

25% Off All Design by Humans Shirts


Through running troundup, I’ve managed to accumulate a large chunk of DBH Dollars. Given that I’m about to head off to college and Lollapalooza (and I just came back from Europe), I could use a little spending cash, so giving them away completely gratis is out of the option. But, I think I have a way where we can both come out ahead. If you’re thinking of buying some Design by Humans shirts, just shoot me an email–I’ll buy the shirts for you, and you just pay me 75% of the retail price (25% off!) + the cost of shipping. Buy 5+ shirts and I’ll pay for your shipping, assuming you’re in the US.

Also, this has come up a few times in the past, but I can’t use coupons when I buy with DBH dollars, so you can’t get the additional 10% or whatever from coupons. Sorry, I wish it were otherwise, because then things would rock even more.

If you’re interested just go to my contact me page, where you can find a contact form as well as my email if you want to just email me directly. You can also just leave a comment on this page.

So again, you pay me for the shirts, less the 25% discount. I then use my accumulation of DBH dollars to place the order at Design by Humans and have it shipped directly to you.

Want to Start Your Own Clothing Line? Troundup is Teaming Up to Give Away a Free Copy of Fuel for Design

Gino Orlandi was kind enough to team up with me to give away a free copy of his eBook, Fuel for Design. I wrote a little about the eBook over at this post, but in a short summary, it basically gives you a detailed and complete overview of the entire process of designing, printing, marketing and selling t-shirts. So if you’re thinking of starting your own clothing line, or are even remotely interested in the concept (it’s free, so you might as well), I’d definitely check this out. Free is a pretty good deal over the usual $37.

Here are the details for the contest, straight from Gino himself:


About Fuel for Design

For entrepreneurs who want to Start a Clothing Line or designers who want to become adept at online marketing, the new e-book, Fuel for Design, is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your online business and leverage the power of the Internet to market your products.

Fuel for Design Giveaway

All you have to do to win a copy of Fuel for Design is to leave a comment below telling us about what you do or plan to in the clothing line industry. Only one commenter per person, good luck! We will pick one winner from amongst the comments.

Other eBooks

Don’t forget to check out Gino’s other eBooks Fuel for Art and Fuel for Photography!

The giveaway will end in one week, so on Friday, July 10th.