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I’m long overdue for posting about this awesome new partnership. Threadless has teamed up with UNICEF and a bunch of cool artists to create a whole line of t-shirts that help benefit those in need. The t-shirts, which range in price from $18.57 to $300,000 (yes…three hundred thousand dollars) are all the dollar amount required to donate a specific item. So if you bought the $18.57 shirt, you’d be donating a mosquito net, while the $36.10 t-shirt would donate de-worming tablets. Get the gist?

The actual designs on the t-shirts are drawings of something related to the item being donated. They’re simple designs, but cool in their own way.

I suggest that you check out all the different shirts they have to offer, and then pick one up and help some people in Africa at the same time. I know I’ll be using some built up STPs to purchase one of the more expensive shirts!

Posted by Colin

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  1. When I first read the headline on my news feed I thought it was just another example of celebrity overindulgence. $3,000 for a t-shirt? But after reading I love the fact that charity has evolved from simply donating money to an more interactive, give and take, relationship. It’s also a great conversation starter at social events. Might even be an awesome holiday gift idea.

  2. I guess after this week’s vote on Palestine, UNICEF can definitely use the cash (US is withdrawing about 60 million and Canada 10 million as punishment). Still pretty cool. I had no idea that a cargo drop costs 300k.

  3. They must be droppin’ quite a lot of cargo. A few more years of collecting STPs and maybe I’ll be able to buy one!

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