I’m sad to say that it appears that on December 23rd the joy that is TorsoPants will be gone from this world forever. So that means, if you wanna pick up any of their random, but very funny, shirts, you should do it soon.

It is with great sadness that I announce, at the urging of Bilderberg, that I am closing the doors at TorsoPants.com at midnight December 23rd, 2008. I cannot get into complete details, but my higher masters have told me that my mission will be changing over the next few months and this is the first step in a series of movements I will make in my life to fulfill the prophecy that is Sunshine Megatron.

Torsopants.com was a very personal project for me and I am proud of what we accomplished and of the product we brought to the masses. I can only pray that those who remain asleep will wake up by the end of 2009 (the 11 year) , but cannot explain this any further and only wish the best for all of your human race.

So, the 2 new Torsopants this week will be our last new designs and as mentioned above, December 23rd, 2008 will be the final day in the life of our experiment. Feel free to buy something before it’s done.

Love to all that deserve it.

Posted by Colin

Colin is a graphic t-shirt enthusiast living in Hanoi, Vietnam. When he's not browsing the latest graphic t-shirts, you can find him freelance writing for clients or sharing his latest travels.


  1. Aww man, Torso Pants is shutting down??? There site was really cool and hilarious. Oh well, good luck to them in whatever they pursue.

  2. Unless it’s some cruel joke, it appears they are. It’s a bummer

  3. I honestly just stumbled on this site, and have not seen or heard mention of T-shirtHell.com. Is it just to ‘raunchy’ or ‘bad’ to mention? I absolutuely love some of their shirts, though some are beyond disgusting. Torsopants is/was one of their ‘sister’ sites. Any way- don’t go there unless you are 18 or over, and as I said \, some are repulsive – some are just plain funny! Sorry if you have mentioned it before, as I stated, my 1st time on this site.

  4. Maybe I am just more into the offensive t shirts but I have always been a fan of t shirt hell. On the other hand I never found any shirts at Torsopants that I like much at all. Not trying to kick a man when he is down but I will not be missing this site at all. I truley hope that this will not have any effect on tshirthell as they are in a league of their own.

  5. I’m the complete opposite, I don’t really like t-shirt hell at all, but I thought some of the Torso Pants shirts were hilarious.

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