troundup is Giving Away A Free T-Shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Does anyone dislike free stuff? If so, I suggest you navigate away (and quickly). If you are a fan of the free.99 price tag though, then I suggest you read on. Crazy Dog T-Shirts, a long-time sponsor of troundup, has offered to kindly give away one of their numerous t-shirts to one lucky winner. The winner will have this shirt shipped directly to them, and will be able to bathe in cottony goodness without having to participate in the god-awful act of cracking open their wallet.

I’ve made entering the contest pretty easy: all you have to do is navigate to Crazy Dog T-Shirts’ website, pick out your favorite shirt, and share it in a comment on this post. You don’t have to tell me why it’s your favorite (although that’s always encouraged, because getting into people’s minds is fun), just put it there in a comment. A week from today (midnight of Wednesday, March 2nd), I will randomly pick a winner from all the eligible comments. I will email that winner, and that person will tell me what shirt they want (it doesn’t have to be the same one in the comment), and where they want it shipped, and I will sayeth, let it be shipped, and Crazy Dog T-Shirts will ship it.

Sounds simple (and maybe a little like old English at the end there, eh), right? Just leave a comment with your favorite shirt and you’re entered to win. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

About Crazy Dog T-Shirts:

Founded in 2004, Crazy Dog Shirts has been pumping out funny t-shirts ever since from their Rochester, New York home base. They feature both unique and licensed funny shirts, along with custom shirts, and are bound to have something for everyone.


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