I’m sad to announce that Vintage Vantage, one of my favorite tee companies, will be closing up shop for good. After 9 years of selling some awesome and comfortable shirts, they will be done. It’s a sad day.

I guess some good does come out of it though: They have to clean out all their stock, which means every shirt of theirs is on sale for $9.50. That’s a bargain.

Go over and check out the stuff. Help them close with a bang, rather than the dreaded whimper.

Posted by Colin

Colin is a graphic t-shirt enthusiast living in Hanoi, Vietnam. When he's not browsing the latest graphic t-shirts, you can find him freelance writing for clients or sharing his latest travels.


  1. Tried ordering one of these shirts (sailboat). Apparently the checkout is down and no one is answering emails. Dont bother.

  2. Really? Try leaving them a message on facebook. I know they were having some checkout issues, but they were very responsive on facebook trying to help people.

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