Surfs Up Dudes T-Shirt from Fullbleed


I think the message of this shirt is pretty obvious, and that’s one of the reasons I like it. I also really like the design, although I wish it was slightly bigger so you could see more of the surfers. The tee is printed on 100% cotton American Apparel shirts, so quality and comfort are definitely there as well.

Price: $16.00 | Fullbleed


Urban Cleansing T-Shirt by Martin Hsu


According to Martin Hsu, cleansing is important for you health, even if you’re an incredibly well drawn Hindu deity. This is one of Martin’s newest designs,and features a Hindu deity wearing a gas mask. I really like this design, I just think it looks pretty dang cool. It also has a great meaning behind it (at least how I interpret it). As an added bonus, the tee is printed on a silver American Apparel t-shirt.

Price: $22.00 | Martin Hsu (I’m unable to link directly, so you have to go to the shop menu and scroll down a little)


Hayabusa Samurai T-Shirt from ethaibid


The design of this shirt is simply beautiful, and thats all I have to say on the matter. They have a bunch of shirts similar to this, many with a Thai/Japanese theme (they are a Thai company). Unfortunately, I don’t know how comfortable a huge design like this would be. According to the site,

“No machine can duplicate the beauty of this hand screened wearable art. The true beauty and detail of this shirt is hard to capture in pictures. We screen print our shirts by hand using long lasting non toxic “watercolor technique” dyes on a wax press. This beautiful cotton polyester blend shirt is guaranteed to impress! Handwash recommended.”

However, that is kind’ve vague, and I still have some doubts. But, for the relatively cheap price of $22.99, with free shipping, I’m tempted to try it out based simply on the design.

Also, if this is a selling point for you, their clothes are not produced in sweat shops. As an aside, they also have these awesome Thai fishing pants for sale which look incredibly comfortable.

Price: $22.99 (free shipping) | ethaibid

Hat tip to Tshirt Island


The Great Moops Battle of ’79 T-Shirt


Owl Movement just released four new t-shirts in their Occasional Intruders line. One of which,  The Great Moops Battle of ’79 (pictured above), caught my eye. This is just one of those funny/quirky t-shirts that I absolutely love. As a bonus, the shirt is screen-printed on an American Apparel tee, so its definitely high quality.

Price: $20.00 | Owl Movement


Once Upon A War T-Shirt By Linty Fresh


Today’s tee is Once Upon a War by the guys over at Linty Fresh. The design postulates what the world will be like after a World War. Here’s the description from the site:

It is said that when the invention of the Wright brothers was first applied to warfare they were appalled, claiming that their intentions for the airplane were purely peaceful. Similar sentiments came from Einstein, who later wrote, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be faught with sticks and stones.” This design depicts a reversal of the process – elements of violence utilized in peaceful ways by a new and innocent generation.

I love the design and can see it sparking some good discussion.

Price: $17.00 | Linty Fresh


Two Go Ape Shirts T-Shirts


Go Ape Shirts sent me an email a few days ago asking me to check out their site, which I gladly did. They’ve got a couple great shirts, with my favorite probably being their Elliot’s New Friend t-shirt (the left picture), which features the scary monster from Alien (or is that a Predator?). I also really like their Bad Day At The Office t-shirt (the right picture).

All their t-shirts are screen printed on American Apparel Tees, so the quality is definitely top notch. Prices are relatively average, costing $18 before shipping.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to review a physical shirt sometime.

Price: $18.00 | Go Ape Shirts


Don’t Play With Matches T-Shirt from Threadless

Don't Play With Matches - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Today’s Monday, which means new Threadless shirts. It was a pretty decent batch, with my favorite shirt by far going to Don’t Play With Matches (featured above). I just love the quirky feel of the shirt. They also reprinted The Communist Party, which is one of my favorite Threadless shirts ever (the first one I ever bought actually).

Price: $15 | Threadless


Farewell to My Concubine T-Shirt


Today’s t-shirt is Farewell to My Concubine, by Kenneth King over at People Like Us Collective. Inspired by Chinese martial arts films, the shirt features a kickass design. I think Kenneth did an excellent job capturing the feel of a martial arts flick. Unfortunately, the shirt runs abit costly, weighing in at $51.75 USD :( . However, that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is an excellently designed t-shirt.

Price: $51.75 | People Like Us Collective


Medusa Crest T-Shirt from American Pig

Medusa Crest T-ShirtMedusa Crest T-Shirt

I’m a sucker for t-shirts with well done crests/heraldry looking things on them, so I naturally like this t-shirt from American Pig Brand. As an added bonus, the shirt is printed on a super comfortable 100% fine jersey combed cotton American Apparel t-shirt.

Price: $27.99 | American Pig Brand


Humanic Dancing design at Threadless

humanic dancing t-shirt

I just came across this gem at Threadless while scoring some designs. Just the sheer quirkiness of this design got my $5 vote. You can check this design out and vote for it here.


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