Calvin, Spiffy Spaceman Shirt from Teefury

I, most likely similar to many of you guys, grew up with a healthy dosage of Calvin and Hobbes. I loved that little dude and his tiger–just great comics. I still own a ton of the books as well. Therefore, I was incredibly happy when I saw this awesome Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt on Teefury. Check it out:

Calvin and Hobbes T-Shirt

The design features a badass spaceman Calvin, along with a very vicious looking tiger. It looks like something that could come straight out of one of his fantasies (look at the landscape in the background–it’s drawn very much like a comic book). The juxtaposition of the two styles (comic vs. more realistic) is brilliant. This design reminds me of my childhood and is absolutely awesome. You can pick it up for only $10, however, after 24 hours this design will be gone forever. Act quick!

King of Dark Side T-Shirt from Sneaky Studios

I just got an email from Cuppa-T about their brand new Darth Vader t-shirt called King of Dark Side. It’s pretty cool–check it out:
King of Dark Side Vader ShirtDarth Vader T-Shirt

I dig the use of Darth Vader in this shirt. You might not even notice him at first, but then he’s down there at the bottom of the shirt looking all awesome. I like that they left the regular card at the top, and just inserted Vader at the bottom. I think that is the best way they could have done it. I also enjoy the tiny Death Star in the bottom right of the shirt–very cool. You can buy this t-shirt for $50 (yeah, the price is a little steep) at the Cuppa-T store.

Hunter S. Giraffe T-Shirt from Headline Shirts

I’m finally back from vacation and ready to get back to posting at a more regular clip. I thought I would get that started with this awesome, awesome t-shirt from Headline Shirts. It’s called Hunter S. Giraffe, and it rules. Check it out:

Headline Shirts Hunter S. GiraffeHunter S. Giraffe

Hunter S. Thompson is a total badass, so whoever at Headline Shirts came up with the idea of making a giraffe version of him is a brilliant person. The design features the giraffe with Hunter’s customary hat and cigarette. It’s just something about a Hunter S. Thompson’like giraffe that gets me. So yeah, this design f&*&ing rules (censoring myself for effect).

You can pick up this tee for $24.00 at Headline Shirts’ store. They have both a men’s and women’s version of the design, and I have a list of Headline Shirts coupons to help save you some money.

Pritikiti by Blake & Staz at Maison Twenty

I don’t post shirts like this a lot, but it’s too odd looking not to post. It’s probably my favorite take on the whole cat meme thing, just because it’s so horribly drawn. It’s almost mocking the cat meme (at least in my opinion, which is probably wrong). Check it out:

Pritikiti from Maison Twenty

As you can see, the shirt is intentionally drawn badly–it’s so horrible it makes me laugh. Now, whether you’re willing to spend the 60 pounds that this t-shirt costs to buy something horribly drawn is one thing, but, I think this design is pretty awesome. Essentially, I admit this design is essentially expensive eye-candy (well, in a way…), but I liked it too much not to share. If you do want to buy it, or just want to check out the rest of Maison Twenty, go to this link.

Awesome Ron Swanson Design Up for Voting at 604 Republic

I was browsing 604 Republic’s design competition today and I came across this sweet comic book Ron Swanson t-shirt. Ron Swanson is the man, and I love the shirt concept, so I really hope that this gets printed. My only critique is that I think the design needs more focus on Ron’s mustache, as well as his character in general (it’s a little hard to see that it actually is Ron in the design). Check it:

Ron Swanson Comic T-Shirt

Go vote on this bad boy so it can get printed!

Vitruvian Mon from T-Shirt Contest

T-Shirt Contest just released their newest shirt, which features an awesome mashup of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Pikachu from Pokemon. Sounds like odd subject matter, right? I guess, but it’s goofily awesome. Check it out:

Pikachu T-Shirt

I still remember playing Pokemon on my Gameboy Color when I was a wee lad, so I’ll always have a soft spot for such subject matter. Pikachu just has that inherent magnetism, so when he gets put on a shirt, people like it. You can buy Vitruvian Mon for only $12.00 over at T-Shirt Contest. Tom Ledin is the actual artist for this t-shirt, and he resides out in San Francisco.

Reprint Week Over at Design by Humans

I haven’t posted about Design by Humans in a long time, and that’s a shame because they’ve made some major changes and have continued to pump out quality t-shirts. I’m going to try to change that now and get back to posting them, starting with their “Most Requested Reprints” promotion going on all this week.

Design by Humans Reprint Week

Every day this week, Design by Humans will release one of the top “reprint requested” shirts, culminating with the most requested design on Friday. The one from today is already really cool, and I’m sure they will just continue to get better. So be sure to add Design by Humans to your list of “t-shirt shops to check regularly” (hopefully you actually have that list) and doubly be sure to check back this week for some great reprints. I just put up a Design by Humans coupon page as well, and you can currently save 10% on your order by using one of those codes.

Threadless Make Great Together Video

This video that Threadless just released is too friggin’ cool not to share with you guys. They obviously put a ton of work into this, and if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face you’re probably a mean person (jokes of course, but it is a happy video). Not sure what the greater purpose of the video is (is it an ad or something?), but I’m glad it got made. Check it out below:

Here’s to bigger and better things from Threadless in the future. Remember I always have a list of Threadless coupons as well.

Another Awesome Jeremy Lin T-Shirt! Linsanity

I wrote up a list of my favorite Jeremy Lin t-shirts a few days ago. There were some great designs on that list. This one might be my favorite, though. It comes from Skreened  and is called “TO LINFINITY AND BEYOND”. Sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah it does. Check it out:

Jeremy Lin Shirt Linsanity

This design rules. It’s a great Lin pun, and anything that  incorporates Toy Story gets some bonus points. I also dig that they used his number in the Linfinity part of the shirt. Brilliant design, and kudos to whomever came up with it on Skreened. You can buy it at the Skreened store. They allow you to pick the color and type of shirt you’d like it printed on (which affects the price). If you bought it as pictured, it would cost $25.99 and would be printed on a white American Apparel shirt. That’s a small price to pay for such an an awesome shirt, especially if you’re one of those Knicks fans.

Community is Coming Back to NBC on March 15th!

I came across these two awesome Community t-shirts from Skreened a few days ago, and I was getting ready to post them up on troundup. Before I could do that, though, I got the great news that Community is coming back from their hiatus and will return to NBC on March 15th. I was ecstatic, as I love the show. I’d like to implore you all to watch the show, so that it can get the six seasons and a movie that it deserves (let’s not have another Arrested Development here…). I guess to sum things up…Community=Coming Back=Awesome. Here are the shirts:

Don't Britta Community T-Shirt

This one requires you to have watched the show, otherwise it’s not funny at all, so sorry if that’s not you. If you’ve seen the show, it’s a very clever design, though uneccesary given the good news of Community’s return. For the non-viewers, to Britta something means “to make a mistake,” and is named after one of the show’s characters.

Greendale Human Beings t-shirt Community

This next t-shirt is a logo for Greendale and their politically correct mascot, the Human Being. I actually own this shirt now, and will go around celebrating the Human Beings, especially now that they will be back on air for at least 13 more episodes.

So yeah, if you haven’t seen Community, now is your chance to catch up. You really have to watch from the beginning to realize the true hilarity of the show. You can watch every single episode on Hulu Plus, so there’s no excuse not to (well, I guess time…).

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