Another Awesome Jeremy Lin T-Shirt! Linsanity

I wrote up a list of my favorite Jeremy Lin t-shirts a few days ago. There were some great designs on that list. This one might be my favorite, though. It comes from Skreened  and is called “TO LINFINITY AND BEYOND”. Sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah it does. Check it out:

Jeremy Lin Shirt Linsanity

This design rules. It’s a great Lin pun, and anything that  incorporates Toy Story gets some bonus points. I also dig that they used his number in the Linfinity part of the shirt. Brilliant design, and kudos to whomever came up with it on Skreened. You can buy it at the Skreened store. They allow you to pick the color and type of shirt you’d like it printed on (which affects the price). If you bought it as pictured, it would cost $25.99 and would be printed on a white American Apparel shirt. That’s a small price to pay for such an an awesome shirt, especially if you’re one of those Knicks fans.

Community is Coming Back to NBC on March 15th!

I came across these two awesome Community t-shirts from Skreened a few days ago, and I was getting ready to post them up on troundup. Before I could do that, though, I got the great news that Community is coming back from their hiatus and will return to NBC on March 15th. I was ecstatic, as I love the show. I’d like to implore you all to watch the show, so that it can get the six seasons and a movie that it deserves (let’s not have another Arrested Development here…). I guess to sum things up…Community=Coming Back=Awesome. Here are the shirts:

Don't Britta Community T-Shirt

This one requires you to have watched the show, otherwise it’s not funny at all, so sorry if that’s not you. If you’ve seen the show, it’s a very clever design, though uneccesary given the good news of Community’s return. For the non-viewers, to Britta something means “to make a mistake,” and is named after one of the show’s characters.

Greendale Human Beings t-shirt Community

This next t-shirt is a logo for Greendale and their politically correct mascot, the Human Being. I actually own this shirt now, and will go around celebrating the Human Beings, especially now that they will be back on air for at least 13 more episodes.

So yeah, if you haven’t seen Community, now is your chance to catch up. You really have to watch from the beginning to realize the true hilarity of the show. You can watch every single episode on Hulu Plus, so there’s no excuse not to (well, I guess time…).

Lookin’ For Love, Star Wars T-Shirt from Teefury

Lookin' For Love Star Wars Tee

I’ve seen this incredibly corny Star Wars pun before (on Twitter), so I was surprised and happy to see it turn up on a t-shirt. If you can’t read the text, it says “Lookin’ for love in Alderaan places,” which is a reference to Luke being a little weird, and the planet Alderaan from the Star Wars galaxy. As I said, it’s incredibly corny. I like it.

You can buy it for only $10 at Teefury. You only have four more hours to buy the shirt though, and then it’s gone forever. Don’t wait if you want it.

The Best Linsanity T-Shirts to Celebrate Jeremy Lin

If you’re a fan of basketball or, at this point, a living human, you’ve probably heard of the Jeremy Lin phenomenon known as Linsanity. Lin is a benchwarmer who has suddenly come off the bench to lead the New York Knicks to seven straight victories. “Lin” based puns (linsanity, linning, etc.) have been popping up all over the place. Included in this have been some pretty awesome t-shirts. So, here’s a post dedicated to showcasing some of the best Linsanity t-shirts that have been released. I might even update it as new shirts come out. Although I like the 76ers (so the Knicks winning is bad), I can’t help but enjoy the Jeremy Lin craze–it’s way better than Tim Tebow. So yeah, get Linsane and check out the shirts:

Linsanity T-Shirt Busted Tees

The first t-shirt (buy it here) comes from the always witty folks at Busted Tees. I love the huge font. It’s a very simple shirt, but it looks great. I think this shirt perfectly encapsulates the epic nature of Linsanity. You can get a Busted Tees coupon here to save a little bit of money, but this shirt retails for $20.

Jeremy Lin t-shirt

This next shirt isn’t quite for sale yet, but Kineda assures people they almost have it printed and it will be up for purchase very soon. Lin makes a great cartoon drawing, and I think the illustration is done very well. I dig it. You should be able to purchase it here in a couple of days.

Official Knicks Linsanity t-shirt

This bad boy is an official Linsanity t-shirt straight from the New York Knicks store. It’s a pretty solid design though–I love the use of the Knicks logo, and it looks kind of like a movie poster, which is great for something like Linsanity. Solid design, especially for coming straight from the Knicks. You can buy it for $19.95 at their store.

Jeremy Lin Linsanity shirt

I like this simple design from the aptly named (whoever registered that domain is super lucky!). As I said, very simple, but still a good design. I like how the text is a little “cracked”. You can buy it for $20 at their store.

Linsanity tee

If you’re looking for a cheaper option (in case Linsanity somehow fizzles out), this one is for you. It costs only a minuscule $9.95 at Wacky Planet. It looks very much like the official design, and for only $9.95 I think it’s a steal.

All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin

If you’re looking for a different take on Linsanity, check out this great “All I Do Is Lin, Lin, Lin” t-shirt from Skreened. The “lin” obviously replaces “win” from the popular DJ Khaled song. Good stuff.

Linsanity tongue shirt

I love this linsane play on the Rolling Stones album from Stack Clothing. This is one of my favorite Linsanity t-shirts, and it will only cost $15 at their store. That’s a bargain!

Linning t-shirt

Here’s another very simple Linning t-shirt, also from Skreened. This is a great design if you want something simple and classy.

These are all the Linsanity t-shirts that I will be posting for now, though I will certainly update this list if I find any more cool ones. Also, please let me know in the comments if you find a cool design (or if you sell one). I’m going to leave you with this…even Sarah Palin has gone Linsane. Check it:

Sarah Palin Linsanity t-shirt

I “Like” Ice Cream T-Shirt from atslopes

Here’s a brand new t-shirt from atslopes, the guys that made that awesome Philadelphia Flyers t-shirt I posted about a while ago. This new one is called “I “Like” Ice Cream” and features a witty mash-up of the Facebook like button and an ice cream cone. Given that I regularly eat a half gallon of ice cream in a day, I can definitely get behind this t-shirt. Check out the design below:

ice cream t-shirt atslopes

I definitely dig this design, and I like very much how they meshed the two objects together. It’s on sale for $27.00 at the atslopes store. They print their tees on American Apparel blanks. Also, if you like the Flyers, definitely check out the shirt I linked to above.

Awesome Use of T-Shirts in this Evian Commercial

I just saw this Evian commercial while I was watching some Hulu and I had to share it with everyone. It’s just an absolutely awesome use of t-shirts. I’ve seen some cool stop-motion stuff involving t-shirts before, but this is probably my favorite. Check it out:

While I’m not sure why the body is a baby (it’s a little odd), I think it’s awesome. The level of detail in it is mind-boggling–like when the baby/person jumps up…how do they do that?!? Anyway, this isn’t a t-shirt for sale or anything, but I got a kick out of it, so hopefully you did too. If not, I apologize for wasting a minute of your life! Also, I recommend you just buy a water bottle and a Brita filter rather than buying bottled water, but to each their own I suppose.

Popeye Silhouette T-Shirt from Altru Apparel

Popeye T-ShirtPopeye Shirt

I was browsing around the Altru Apparel t-shirt store when I came across this awesome Popeye Silhouette t-shirt. It features an awesome silhouette (surprise) of everyone’s favorite spinach loving sailor. I dig the type face on the Popeye text, and I also think Popeye is striking an awesome pose. It looks great, and the design really pops. I also love how the black looks on the blue tee. Cool stuff.

You can buy the design for $36 at the Altru Apparel store. I know that price is a little steep for a t-shirt, but it is a cool design…maybe you think it’s a cool design worth $36.

Baby Baby Baby Meow T-Shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves

Bieber Cat Shirt

Goodie Two Sleeves is a brand that I really enjoy, and they have always been to me (see ad on right), so I’m happy to post this ridiculous (in a good way) t-shirt I just found from them. It’s called Baby Baby Baby Meow, and features a…cat with Justin Bieber hair. Yes, this shirt is an illustration of an itty bitty kitten with Justin Bieber hair. Ridiculous. I dig it. Something about that hair and those cute little kitten eyes just melt my soul. The signature hoodie is a very nice touch as well. I would usually never post anything Bieber related, but this one makes the cut based on sheer goofiness.

You can buy this t-shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves for $21.95. For those who don’t know, Goodie Two Sleeves’ blank t-shirts are some of the most comfortable things around. You will be riding around in pure, unadulterated, cotton goodness. Yes, it feels as awesome as it sounds.

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