Vacation from Blaine Fontana and Format Magazine


Format Magazine just released their new line of t-shirts, including this one, Vacation, by Blaine Fontana from Portland. The design is fairly simple, but comes off quite well. I definitely like the way he did the house, as well as the rays coming off of it.

If you want to pick this one up, it will run you $35 at Format Magazine. The design is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, so the chances of running into someone with the same shirt are pretty slim.

Tee Maniacs Contest Finalists Announced at T-Shirt Magazine

Tee Maniacs
I don’t know officially what the theme is for this contest, but I’m guessing it has something to do with creatively displaying one’s vast collection of t-shirts. Out of the entries, the top three have been announced. Of those three, two of them seem to be in close contention for the user-decided victory. I’ve already voted for my favorite (guess which one!), and you can do the same by heading over to T-Shirt Magazine. The winners get some sweet prizes, especially from Threadless, who is a sponsor.

I’m Selling 35 Threadless Shirts on eBay–Guy’s Mediums


I did some cleaning out of my closet, and as a result, I’ve decided to sell 35 of my Threadless shirts on eBay. All the shirts are guy’s mediums and have been listed in packs of 5–so 7 packs of 5 shirts. The vast majority of them are also brand new/unworn. A lot of them are sold out now, so if you’re looking to pick up some Threadless shirts on the cheap, this is your chance. Also, if you bid on any of my auctions, I’ll enter you for a chance to win a free Design by Humans shirt of your choice. Just leave a comment with your eBay username and I’ll enter you in the drawing.Also, if you end up winning the auction, I might end up throwing in a bonus shirt for someone.

Here are the shirts I’ve got for sale, as well as a link to that respective pack:

Threadless Pack #1:

I Wish I Were
Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems
Executioner is a Nice Job
Dead Shred

Threadless Pack #2:

Staring Into Space
Hey, let’s go do fun stuff!
The Communist Party
Day of Reckoning
While you were reading my shirt

Threadless Pack #3:

You Sank my Battleship
Don’t Play With Matches
Wizard Rock
No, you can’t come…You are a mere pawn
A is for Arrow, B is for Bomb

Threadless Pack #4:

Quack Attack
Confabulated Memory
Imaginary of Cloud
Nineteen Seventy Five

Threadless Pack #5:

All That’s Good
Land of 1000 Dances
Mic Chuck. One. Two
I Have Something to Tell You
Reach for the Stars

Threadless Pack #6:

Pure Imagination
B.F.F. (Best Friends Forever)
Positive Influence
Now panic and freak out
Ah Munna Eat Choo

Threadless Pack #7:

Greek Mixology
My Broderie Tyrannosaurus
I Heart Threadless
What Do You Mean You Can’t See Him
Things That Glow

Let me know if there are any questions!

Techno Tiger is Shirt Fight’s Newest Winner


I have yet to write about Shirt Fight, not because I don’t like them, but more because I just…never got around to it, I suppose. I decided to change that today, because I like this week’s winner, Techno Tiger. This design was the winner for the contest theme, “The Letter T.” Pretty sweet–colorful designs usually catch my eye, I suppose I’m a sucker like that.

You can grab it for 4 more days for $15, after that the price jumps up to $21. They print on American Apparel.

Then and Now from Design by Humans


I love the idea behind this shirt–it’s awesome and creative. I also love this shirt, with just one thing I’m not entirely happy about. I think the front is really well done–the childlike style is spot on. I just think the back is somewhat lacking. I feel like it could have been done better than what simply looks like a stock picture. That’s not a huge gripe though, because I’m still a fan of the shirt either way. It just could’ve been even better if the back had been done a little differently in my opinion. Hopefully that didn’t sound too rambally.

You can grab this for $25 at Design by Humans. I’ve also added a new working coupon at the Design by Humans coupon site.

Toy Guns Shirt from Plastic Sound Supply


I just got an email from Justin letting me know about Plastic Sound Supply’s newest shirt release. First, a little background on Plastic Sound Supply from Justin himself:

We’re a record label from Denver, Colorado, specializing in experimental and offbeat electronic music, art, video, and design. For fans of Ghostly, m3rck, Schematic, Hefty, etc.

I think the fact that they’re a record label that puts out non-band designs is pretty neat and unique. I also really like the design because, let’s be honest, toy guns were really cool when we were kids (or now still depending on my mood).

It will run you $23 including shipping on an American Apparel blank. Get the goods at Plastic Sound Supply.

Captain Octopus from Sharp Shirter

Octopus shirtOctopus Shirt

I’m a sucker for using American Apparel’s striped tees like this, so I think that ties in somewhat with why I like this design. I’m not trying to discredit the design with that though, because a pirate octopus is an excellent design in itself–I’m trying to think of ways to describe a pirate octopus other than badass, because I feel like I use that a lot. So you have a cool blank that isn’t used that often combined with a very unique and well done design. This equation equals cottony t-shirt goodness, so you should probably buy it.

It will run you $22 at Sharp Shirter, on the aforementioned American Apparel blank.

Life’s Good from Teextile


This new design from Teextile has some sweet style going on. This type of shirt (the cartoonish character) is usually pretty hit and miss with me, but I definitely like this one. I think the purple is a great choice for this design–really pops.

Unfortunately I missed posting this yesterday, when you could have bought this shirt for $12. That being said, you can still grab it for $15 for the rest of the week. It’s printed on a purple American Apparel shirt.

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